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As you can tell from my user ID, I am a Silver Oak fan (both Napa and Alexander Valley). Being that they can be very different I'll address the Alexander Valley:

I'm always on the look out for a Cab that is similar but is less expensive. Right now the 2007 Mount Veeder Cab is pretty good and it has that great finish, although not as prominent as the Silver Oak. But I like a big buttery/dill finish on my Cab.

I'm sure I am not alone in this quest, so does any other Silver Oak fans have any suggestions?
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Well I do like the new Columbia Crest H3 Cabernet, for the same reasons (similar finish) and it sells for about $11.

I realize that Silver Oak is a little expensive. That's why I posted this thread. There has to be similar wines at a lower price, but I have found very few.

Along the way I have found many big, bold, oaky Cabs. So it makes the search a lot of fun.

I also am not locked into this type of wine, but that would be a different thread?
If you like Silver Oak, you should drink it as you can afford it. Don't worry about what others say.

For cheaper wines, as you pointed out, the Columbia Crest wines are nice, look at the Walter Clore for about $30 give or take. I actually think Washington usually delivers A LOT for the money, across all price ranges.

Everyone has their favorites. For California, I tend toward Neal Family, for about $50, and Etude, for a bit more.

I know its been awhile, but have you a recent substitute recommendation for a silver oak cab (napa) ? I live in Washington and we have some very good wines but havent found one I like as much as Silver Oak. I really like the Silver Oak Napa label but my purse strings cant afford it except for very, very special occasions. 

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