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I am about to learn to roast coffee professionally. I have turned to looking at the wine industry to try and get the info I'm after as I can't find it by googling.

My concern is that I won't be able to smell distinctive aromas. My nose was broken when I was young and I don't feel confident that I will be able to do this.

Okay...who do I see? A neuroscientist. I've noticed with Le Nez du Vin they have coffee kits but before I go down that path I would like to see a specialist.
Does anyone have any advice here about how to learn how to smell?

Sorry if I'm barking up the wrong tree but I just can't find what I'm after of the net.

I'm in Melbourne, Australia by the way.


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I don't see why a broken nose would keep you from smelling well, but I'm no doctor either. Do you have problems smelling other aromas in your daily life? How about taste, which is linked to smell?

Go see a regular doctor and ask for a recommendation. He/she can probably administer a test, or refer you to a specialist.

Good luck!
Funny seeing indyb0b tell somebody how to smell. There's no disputing that talent of his.

If you broke your nose and nothing further, it's possible you've severed some of the branches of the olfactory nerve thereby partially reducing your ability to discern aromas. If you also fractured your ethmoid bone, it's conceivable you fractured the olfactory trunk and will likely never regain any sensory input.
Harrison, first off, sorry for all of this, B.O., is the resident flamer/troll/cyberbully.


You confirm everything negative that non-wine lovers think about wine snobs. You rub your wine knowledge in everyone's faces, judge people harshly who haven't tasted 50 vintages of Bordeaux, and jump all over everyone who asks what you'd call a "stupid" question about wine, or anything else.

You are the worst kind of troll, and the WS boards would be a hell of a lot better off without you trying to shove folks around all the time. There are plenty of civil folks on here, like W+A, PurpleHaze, WIML, and others who are just as knowledgeable and don't treat everyone like crap.

I'll open a bottle of Mollydooker the day the mods grow a pair and finally ban your ass.

And, I'm sure you'll play your stupid/tired/played/idiotic "bigot" card. Please provide citation. Otherwise, STFU, and hope we never meet an an offline.

Harrison, I've broken my nose 7 times and sometimes it can be detrimental to what you smell. Go to a doctor and they will be able to tell what you can and can't do to help your nose. I've found I have good days and o.k. days w/ the honker. Don't look at it as a handicap. You can train your nose to pick up the little stuff, just as a person can train their palate. My rule of thumb if the nose is not at its prime that day then don't focus your time on the stuff that relates to the nose. Don't know if that makes any sense.
Originally posted by Rock&RollCowboy:
Originally posted by indybob:

Seriously dude, you've got some problems. Why the hell do you always follow me around, bashing nearly everything I write? You seem to be the only one around here with that problem.

Bella is not around anymore...... Got to pick on someone. Roll Eyes

No kidding!!! Wonder why she left? Roll Eyes
Originally posted by Board-O:
Ever post about wine, indyb0b? Try it sometime. You might like it.

Ever not be an A-hole B.O.? Try it sometime. You might like it.

The thing is, I don't know as much about wine as you do. I'm learning from the good people here all the time. I have fun posting, sometimes on wine, some on other stuff, but the bummer for you is you're just an A-hole who takes pleasure in bullying folks around. You're the punk who picked on little kids in elementary school and took their lunch money. I'm the guy who moved into town, doesn't care who your friends are, slapped you around and made you run home crying to mama.

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(everyone's Popcorn cooking away? Wink)
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That last post of yours, indyb0b, is a great example of cyberbullying and gutter talk. I guess it was OK to talk that way when you were a kid. I was lucky. Fortunately, I was raised differently from you. My parents taught me to not speak like a pig. You can't help it. It reflects poorly on you.

You're also a liar. I never picked on anyone in school and took their lunch money. You're the guy who moved into town and slapped me around? Big Grin It's called delusions of grandeur. Low-lifes resort to such machinations in an effort to bolster their image. You're simply a zero and add nothing to this site.

I know you can keep this up. Pigs are known for their determination. I'll retire from this exchange and let you rant all you want. I know you for what you are, and I pity you.
Originally posted by indybob:
I'm the guy who moved into town, doesn't care who your friends are, slapped you around and made you run home crying to mama.

So now you're a hero?

Wrong!!! (Illusions of grandeur)

You're a jerk. Only a slightly bigger jerk than Board-O, but a jerk none the less.

And believe me, as a jerk myself, I know of what I speak.

My well intentioned advice - get over yourself!
Originally posted by irwin:
Vin: You have broken your nose 7 times?
Have you looked in the Guinness book of world records? You might have a shot, and if you need your nose broken a few more times, maybe someone can accomodate you?

Pretty sure there are some boxers out there who have me beat. Especially since thats how I broke mine 3 times. Also for those kids growing up and enjoy pitching on the baseball team, be careful. A comebacker off of an aluminum bat will flatten your nose if your not quick enough. With a good doctor you can hardly tell the differance, until you touch the cartlidge and realize it's the consistency of puddy.

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