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I hope we don't have to start up a "Futronic Fund" to help him pay his rent in October. Razz Big Grin

This could be a VERY expensive month for anyone that collects Italian reds.

I will likely be passing again completely as there is nothing that I HAVE to own and my recent purchases during my last 3 trips to the US have been just crazy. Eek
I still have the receipt for the 1991 Caymus Napa that I was drinking like water a decade ago. $18.99US less 10% for buying a case.

It is a great wine but $100 is pushing it. The prices for the SS and Napa bottlings are pretty close to what you would pay in the US. I was there last week and the Napa is $69-79US and the SS is $120-140US.
Originally posted by mwaters:
I'm still impressed that the LCBO dropped the price especially with these bottles. Caymus carries big brand recognition.

I guess the price is somewhat inline with the US market. Maybe I'm still upset from it being $99 a few years ago when I think it was double the US price.


Many of the recent vintages of Caymus Napa sat on the shelves for months and seemed never to sell out completely. It is good wine but I prefer the 2001 Dominus ($109), 2001 Spottswoode Napa ($99) and of course the 1999 Bell Cellars (discounted from $85 to $65).
Thank goodness you said that Baird. I was starting to think it was me and my advancing age. I couldn't remember what I ordered from the futures vs classics vs Monthly release vs special releases. I'm sure you get my drift.
Not to mention the wines we arrange through one another via SAQ (thanks steve8) and from friends travelling. I need another secretary just to keep track of what I've ordered, plan to order, and keep inventory. I certainly won't ask Mrs. DP. Then she'd know what I really spend on wine!

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