Very little to get excited about.  Maybe the Paleo Rosso, or the Montevertine?  Not much else of interest here, at least not at these inflated prices.

OTOH if you buy into the forecast that we may be heading for a 60 cent Canadian dollar when we finally come out of our viral lockdown, these prices might look attractive.

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Anyone heard an update about the alleged 2015 Brunello release that is supposed to occur this Thursday? 

Good lord. I only searched for one and that was enough.

2015 Costanti BdM 750 ml: $498.00

That’s for the normale. That can’t be right, can it? You can get it for $77 USD.

@sunnylea57 posted:

Good lord. I only searched for one and that was enough.

2015 Costanti BdM 750 ml: $498.00

That’s for the normale. That can’t be right, can it? You can get it for $77 USD.

Has to be for a case no?  

@csm posted:

I don’t even see the Costanti anymore in Ciccio’s list. 

Ha. Yeah, they've changed the listings in the last few hours. 

They've removed about 8 producers including Constanti.

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For $97 the Ciacci better be the Pianrosso and not just the normale. Even so, it's expensive.

There aren't many released here by the SAQ yet but those that are, Caprili, Barbi, Friggiali, Argiano, are cheaper here. Pass for me on the LCBO offerings.

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@futronic posted:

Where do you see that? I don't see Costanti on the list at all.

Fut, there’s a link further up on this thread with the wine list and no prices. Costanti is on that list.

Then, further down in the thread, Ciccio posted a link to a PDF with prices. The Costanti was on it at $100 (vs the $495 on the LCBO website).  A few hours after that, the PDF at Ciccio’s link was updated by the LCBO and the Costanti was removed entirely, along with half a dozen other producers.

Yes, I was aware of Costanti on the PDF without the prices. I thought you referenced the final copy.

Who knows ... maybe there will be a surprise tomorrow morning and it will be back at the $100 price? Would be nice, if so.

Got the following:

Luce x 4

08 corton grancey x1

machiole ($38) x 6- one of my favourite wines 

donatela Rosso ($32 bottle) x 6 





A little bit of here and there.

Pavillon Aloxe-Corton

Labruyere Moulin a vent

Busch Falkenlay GG

Studert Prum Auslese

Blanck Alsace

Chiarlo Cannubi

Ca'Rome Barbaresco

Tyrell's Semillon

and some BdM and Rosso

Anyone ever have the Gaja dagromis or Gaja promis? Recommended? Good price point for this producer? Looks like their secondary wines 

Just a tip, I took a look and the Sbragia Monte Rosso cabernet caught my eye at $85. Ed Sbragia was the winemaker at Beringer during its hey day and Monte Rosso is a great historic Mountain top vineyard. Looks like the best value on CA cab on that list by a good margin

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I just noticed the online PDF of the June release includes the 2015 Talenti BdM at $72. Hard copy claims it is the 2014.

Given the 2015 was just released a few weeks back in the special offers BdM release I would speculate it is a mistake.



They must hire special people at the LCBO to mess up their web site.  It was terrible on May 7 when they had 3 concurrent releases, but today was even worse with just 1 release.  Practise makes perfect.

This morning I was ready and signed in at the crack of 8:30.  I got the Montevertine and Le Pergole Torte into my shopping basket after several torturous minutes watching the icon going round and round in circles.  Then, slowly, cautiously, I put another wine in the basket.  And that's when my basket went empty.

No problem, thinks I.  The Montevertine is sold out but there are still 9 bottles of Le Pergole Torte left.  So I cautiously put one in my basket and get told there none in stock.  No worries, cause I know different.  So I do it again with 3 bottles.  This time it tells me that they have adjusted my number of bottles to -2.  So I tried to order the quantity I was allocated, but this time they adjusted my quantity to zero.  I thought that was real clever of them.  

I can deal with that because I live in the Socialist Republic of Ontario and I am used to lining up for my ration of bread and DRC.

I grabbed the Garage Wine Co Old Vine Carignan, went back for the Montevertine, and it was gonzo.  Not fussed given my impending bill from Cosecha. 

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