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csm posted:
futronic posted:

 Going to need to send a message about that one. There are still a few more bottles left in the system, so maybe a wider markdown will happen. Unlikely, but maybe.

Was out in the hinterland by my office and no luck.  Still full price. 

My store has a long standing tradition of zero in store mark downs on anything over $19.95 initial price.   Just another reason the KGBO blows chunks.



mimik posted:
vinelouse posted:

2015 Cos D'estournel is a gorgeous wine and current available at significantly lower price. Lower then primeur price I believe. SKU#00475376 $230

Eglington/Glen Erin Dr. had two when I left.


Back up the truck!

did you see any kicking around anywhere? i had 3 of these, drank 1. it was perhaps the greatest bottle of Bordeaux i have had. &$*%ing fantastic. 

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