so??? what did you all buy?

me, so far, not much, Beychevelle, got 3, a case of Beaumont and a case of senejac because they always sell out fast

will eventually buy




clerc milon


latour martilac

pape clement...

trying to play the game to see how sales go so I can avoid giving the government my deposit 30 months in advance... pretty much just buying drinking wines that I enjoy, nothing earth shattering as an investment, 3300 for petrus, I paid 999 for 2014 and it scored the same FFS

anyone buy anything special they researched? I didn't put much effort into looking at the 2018 year,


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Zippo. The last vintage I bought in any quantity was 2009. I did buy some 2012, 14 and 15, but only 12-24 bottles of each vintage - and I bought all of those in the states. Even with the exchange and duty it's still cheaper to shop there than through the KGBO - provided you shop around and wait for the deals.

what sunny said, but at reduced quantity even then.  KGBO is completely f---ed on BDX pricing.  multiples worse than the normal degree of gouging.  they dont care if someone keeps buying it, and if not they flog it on classics a few years later at exponential higher prices than what open market commands.  

One example:

2014 Chateau Montrose cost me $107 USD.

Meanwhile the 2017 is $249 from the KGBO and the 2018 is $325.  (The 2018 is readily available in the US for $170, and I expect you can find offers for less than that. JJB usually has excellent Bordeaux futures pricing in their private email offers.)

haggis posted:

Last time I bought futures was 2000.  I just cherry pick later, often for better prices.  Plus, at age 65, I'm not interested in holding anything long-term.

Same here, for the same reason.  In other news, happy to see you are (just barely) older than me! 

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