LBV ’95 horizontal – second batch: Vintage vs. LBV

Our second tasting of Late Bottled Vintage port from 1995. For those interested, the results of the first tasting (featuring Don Pablo, Fonseca, Martinez, Porto Almiro and Taylor) can be found here.

I had planned a different line up of wines for this second tasting, but decided to change it, as Ronnie Roots was anxious to try his Quinta de Baldias. Who am I to complain? And as we also have a large stock of Burmester ’95 Vintage (we recently bought 7 bottles), we opened that one as well. The selection for this tasting:

- Burmester Vintage (WS88, 16 Euros, bottled 1997)
- Delaforce (15 Euros, bottled 2001)
- Quinta de Baldias (bought at the quinta for 9 Euros, bottled 2000)
- Real Vinicola (9 Euros, bottled 2000)
- Rozès (WS88, 15 Euros, bottled 2001)

The Burmester was decanted 2 hours in advance. Wines were tasted blind. In order to be able to correctly identify the wine, I provided Ronnie and Lady Roots with the WS tasting notes on the Burmester and the Rozès. The Baldias is aged in the Douro instead of in V.N. de Gaia, so it should show the “Douro bake”. We never tasted a Delaforce LBV, but expected a medium quality wine. The Real Vinicola should be pretty bad, this house does not have a good reputation. So far for theory; do these wines show?

The results (in reverse order of preference):

1. Ruby red, with a brown touch. Smelly. Very sweet and artificial. Some raisiny fruit. Finish as very bad, the consensus was that this tasted like vomit. We all identified this as the Real Vinicola. Avoid like SARS.

2. Bright and clear ruby red. Not a very powerful nose. Bright blueberry flavour on a medium body, slightly bitter. Very smooth medium finish. Not a bad wine, just not very exciting. Delaforce? No, this was the Quinta de Baldias. Slightly disappointing, we had expected more of it.

3. Quite dark. A bit alcoholic, but fresh as well. Sweet, with red berries, some pepper and a refreshing acidity. Medium finish, fresh, but with a bitter touch to it. We weren’t sure whether we liked that, but a nice glass of port. Better then we had expected: Delaforce.

4. A dark port, with dark cherry and alcohol on the nose. A solid body with jammy blackberry flavours, and a metallic touch to it. Big but smooth tannins, this one pack a punch. We all like the warm, smooth finish. Very close to our favourite of the evening, and good value for money: Rozès.

5. Dark red, with a purple edge. Quite alcoholic, with sweet cherry aromas. A hint of earth. Big bodied, this shows cherries and dark plums on the palate, with some spices. Lots of tannins. A bit closed. Long, warm finish. We thought this to be the Burmester, and we were right. Vintage wins!

Again, a fun tasting! A bit of a pity that my LBV collection is diminishing in size, but I hope to get some more when we visit the Douro in two weeks… Big Grin
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Good notes Stevie!

Considering we guessed everything wrong last time, and the worst bottle showed best, I was quite relieved that the burmester vintage came out as the winner.
IMO we have a very good buy with those 7 bottles for 16 euro each.

The shocking bad quality of the Real Vinicola has actually made me curious to taste one of their vintages ( Eek). It's sick, I know, but I can't help it.
But on the other hand, I might as well spend the money on a very good LBV, which costs about the same... Wink

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