I make my normal lasagne with ricotta cheese (I like the richness), but I know some people use cottage cheese instead. I'm planning on trying a new recipe for a ground veal and broccoli lasagne that calls for cottage cheese. My first thought was just to use ricotta instead, but I began wondering if the richness of ricotta might hinder the flavors of the veal/broccoli from coming forward and that is why the recipe calls for cottage cheese. Any thoughts on that or should I just go ahead and use ricotta?
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I'm not Italian (although my name suggests it is). I've never heard of cottage cheese being used in a pasta or dessert dish that had Italian origins. In fact, I don't think I've eaten cottage cheese, and I love cheese.

It's actually somewhat common for lasagna. I've had lasagna once with cottage cheese (I didn't make it), and didn't like it nearly as much. Was a little bland for my taste. So ricotta for the new recipe its is.

Thanks all.
Ricotta obviously. Cottage Cheese - gross. My assumption is that CC was used as a cheap and readily available alternative - this is common I believe in bulk made lasagna - for example made in school cafeterias or camps etc. I am sure I have eaten it in that context growing up.

To be avoided.
After posting this, I did a search online regarding the subject. There was actually a long thread on some food/cooking site with people arguing about whether to use ricotta or cottage cheese. I was amazed because like everyone here I've always used ricotta. Guess there is a contingent that really likes cottage cheese. Maybe if your mother made lasagna with cottage cheese when you were growing up it might just be what you're used to, but I just don't see the appeal.

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