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We took our 15 year old daughter to a Rhianna concert for her 13th birthday at Mandalay Bay. We went to StripSteak which we enjoyed very much. We have since gone for her 14th and 15th. The last time we got a tour of the kitchen which was great. I've also gotten very good food and treatment at, believe it or not, Morels at the Palazzo.
Originally posted by Parcival:
Have not been to Heritage but thought Craftsteak was good but not great. Been to 3 different Craftsteaks across the country and have always felt the same way about them

My top Steakhouses in Vegas in this order are:
1) Cut (Wolfgang Puck in Palazzo)
2) Prime (Bellagio)
3) Vic & Anthony's (Golden Nugget)

Have not tried the first two, but I can second the recommendation for Vic & Anthony's.
It's been a couple of years since I last darkened the doorway at Delmonico in The Venetian (young kids have made me a dull boy.....). If they still allow corkage at $25/bottle (two bottle limit), then Delmonico is definitely in the mix for best steakhouses IMO.

Get the parmesan truffle chips as an app. Better yet, get two orders of the ptc as an app...... Cool

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