Tomorrow night I am braising lamb shanks in a tomato based sauce that includes kalamata olives, oranges, and red onion. Last time I made this, I had a Core "Elevation Sensation" that worked pretty nicely.

This time I am looking for some suggestions. Fire away, please!!!!
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Wow. First of all, I've pretty much made this exact dish, so good for you!

Secondly, I would probably go with a Rhone or a flashier Piedmont, but a lot could work.

If you go Rhone, I would go with a southern (preferaby CdP) or else a more rustic styled Cote Rotie. Piedmont, I would go with a truly top notch full bodied, modern, Barbera or else a modern styled Barolo (such as Clerico, Sandrone, La Spinetta, etc).

Priorat and Rioja would also work very very well.
Winetarelli - My thoughts echo yours, and I do have Barolo from those producers....

Sandy - I prefer my BdM with grilled meat, but it is something that might work....

Board-O - Yeah, yeah, I know. A serious question though. I was also thinking of CdP. My experience is limited, however. Are the 1998's ready, or should I hold off another five years or so?
I'm not a good judge of young CdPs. They frequently seem ready to drink to me because they're not tannic to the extent that Cabernets are. The few 1998s I've had so far seem a bit dull, so I'm guessing they're still closed a bit. The ripe berry flavors haven't emerged yet in the few I've had.

I'll tell what CdP has surprised me in recent years- the 1986 Beaucastel. It had a dull, lower fruit profile for a number of years. I was ready to give up on it and maybe sell off what I had left, but it's really blossoming now.
Two very different options from me (and we eat a lot of lamb, though not shanks, so much):

-any big aged southern Rhone, ideally chateauneuf du pape or gigondas

-a big, aged, classy (Command, Stonewell) but not fruit-bomb-ish Aussie shiraz. I love the big fruit bombs with grilled lamb but I think something still big, but more restrained, would match nicely, especially if you are sharing with non-winegeeks.
For once I agree with Board-O.

However, I would have pulled a cork on a Vino Nobile, 200 or 2001 (Carpineto Vino Nobile Riserva) or even a La Bracessca 2004 Vino Nobile. Maybe a Carpineto Farnito Cab Sauv 2001. Not really enough balance in most Barolos for this dish, need a bit more fruit I think.

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