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Hope someone out there has dinned here. Would like to know if the 12 course tasting menu is worth it or not. I love seafood and heard about this from anthony bourdain and wanted to gets some views from here. Also if someone can recommend other eateries as well will be in town from Wed- Sunday.

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I've eaten there and it's perfectly lovely. The service is impeccable and the food is very well executed. Reservations are harder to come by these days but you may be able to snag an early or late seating.

I could name so many places but it would help if you could let me know your food preferences, price ranges and atmosphere.

Enjoy your time in our fair city.
Thanks Een,
Price is not an issue (just want value), my wife and I like to try trendy places, when it comes to food we love it all. Planning to be there from April 1-5,
Have reservations already for L20 and wanted to fill my Wednesday, Thursday, And Saturday up. Want a a mixture of places to try. I tried Gibsons and that was good but would like to try some others out there.
thanks for all your help so far.
ks, if you are in the same area as Gibson's please skip all other Rush street restaurants and try something like: Kiki's Bistro, MK, Blackbird, Avec, Publican, Avenues, Moto, Custom House, Green Zebra or Spring.

If you have time tomorrow, go to Andersonville and get a pizza at Great Lake Pizza. There is only one table and four pizzas from which to choose but it is seriously wonderful. I recommend the porcini mushroom but others swear by the creme fraiche and smoked bacon. You can swing by In Fine Spirits and pick up a bottle as the place is BYO or go to In Fine Spirits Wine bar for a cocktail. Corpse Reviver #2 (Absinthe and Gin) is a favorite as is the one with Chartreuse.

If you love sushi, please cab it up to Katsu. It offers beautiful fish, beautiful. I had a friend who grew up on the beach in Australia say she'd never had better fish.
KS- Do a search here, there are plenty of Chicago threads.

A relative newcomer to the scene that I've really enjoyed twice is The Publican. Very cool place, very in, yet friendly. Not necessarily a place for wine, although they have a decent reasonably priced list. The beer list is what's astounding there. I had a vintage beer from Germany from 2003 that was amazing. There are about 100(?) on the list, most of which I've never heard of, and I have a decent beer repertoire. It's a very highbrow beerhall in the Irish style that serves wonderful creative food focusing on seafood and any part of a pig that is edible (their homemade pork rinds are fantastic!). Definitely worth a try, and even in this very hard market for restaurants (double whammy of bad economy and bad winter) I bet this place will be there for the medium or long haul.

oops- after I wrote that I noticed Een mentioned the Publican too! Can't ever scoop her.

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