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Just opened the '05 Sonoma tonight to see if I really wanted to purchase the upcoming Oct 1st releases. I feel it is alittle too "candied" for my taste but still shows some complexity and structure. I will give the rest along with my Russian River a few years in the cellar. If you enjoy a sweet cherry type pinot then this will be up your alley.

I really can't decide if I will purchase in the future again if the prices keep increasing. We will wait and see.
I've had the '05 KB RRV, and boy, what a ripe, dense, behemoth of a wine. Disgustingly jammy, dissimilar to pinot noir as commonly known, but impressive for its sheer scale and intensity. A glass was enough to do me, and I was happy to get along to Val Llach "Embruix" that while rich itself, was much more balanced and had more savory detailing.

I wouldn't turn down a free glass of KB, but I wouldn't buy a bottle. I know many like the style, however. I guess I'm just little to Old School/Euro to really dig it.
Originally posted by khmark7:
While I have not drank mine, I am letting them sit for another year. These wines are way too young to drink.

That is one of Michael Browne's biggest complaints is that people drink his wine to young, that is why he sat on his Syrah for an extra 6 months. Any thread that M. Browne has posted on over on eBob he says to sit on his wine for at leat another year and if not to do a prolonged decante.

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