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Originally posted by Peer Gynt:
Kimchi is more a spice than a food. This is like asking what wine to match with garlic or shallots.

Kimchi is pickled and fermented napa cabbage, not really a spice.

It does have the red pepper powder, among other things, that gives it an overpowering spiciness, which may be why you consider it a spice.

Regardless, a lot of Korean foods have a vinegar component, which (for me) makes it an unlikely pairing with any kind of wine.

Water, or more specifically, flavored water (boiled water in barley) seems to be the natural "pairing" if you will.
Originally posted by indybob:
Best thing to pair with kimchi is a barf bag.

It's not for everyone.

I've had some fantastic kimchi.
I've had some real garbage kimchi.

It's just a question of if you're willing to put up with it in hopes of a real killer vintage/bottling.

Usually, I'll know if I like it with the 1st taste. If it's plonk, I'll push it away, if it's a good bottling from a single vineyard Big Grin, you'll have a hard time prying it away from me.
Originally posted by The Cabernet of Doctor Caligari:
I think we may have finally found a question that "Retsina" is the correct answer to!

I'm with the Soju/Sake/Beer crowd, as well.

I'd have to disagree with the soju...
it's soo strong and alcoholic, it just numbs and kills all your taste buds so that you dont taste anything anymore.

Beer tho =) .. oB does work well

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