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A while ago a friend of mine came to me with this idea about putting together a database with the major wine regions, appellations and vineyards in it. I decided to help with building this project because it was a great way for me to learn the details of the appellation system.

It took awhile, now it is finished. It's a downloadable program called KnowVino.

My database input included the United States. Every official AVA in the U.S. is listed. Details about the area such as what the wines are like, the size of the AVA and climate are included in the states of California, Washington and Oregon - I'm working on the rest. Then Canada and Mexico.

Every DOC and DOCG of Italy is included, as is every AOC of Burgundy, Bordeaux and the other major wine regions of every significant wine growing country in Europe - including Greece and Switzerland. South Africa, South American , NZ and Australia of course. If I start to tell you about the glossary, vintage charts and that it can make flash cards to study the names of the appellations, this will start to sound like an advertisement.

It's true that I am one of the editors, but this is really a cool program for those who want to really understand the wine appellation system.

The U.S. and a few other countries aren't done, but will be soon.
Check it out at

Michael Chandler
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