Re-doing the kitchen and need all new appliances. I've narrowed it done to the Viking Professional series (total cost +/- 12k) or Bosch (total cost +/- 9k) So the question is, is the viking worth the extra 3k. At the end of the day, both brands look good and will do the job. Looking at buying a cooktop, oven, microwave, dishwasher and fridge. Anything else (thermador, miele, gaggenhau, wolf/subzero ?) I want matching appliances if possible. Secondary question is an induction cooktop worth the extra $1000 over the radiant top. The apartment doesn't have gas supply so it has to be an electric cooktop.
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Wolf and Viking are obviously the heavy hitters. When I has a small problem with my Wolf gas stove, they called 3 or 4 times AFTER it was fixed to make sure everything was ok. Wolf service is 2nd to none. I remember choosing them over Viking because of a better warranty, higher btu's, and a few other reasons.

As far as cooktops go, you might also want to check Consumers Report, as well as compare price, btu's, warranty, etc. Induction is supposed to be faster and more energy efficient, but that's about all I know.

I didn't worry about my appliances matching. Rather, I wanted the best in each category. My GE Monogram big door (freezer on the bottom) ended up more energy efficient than Subzero, and rated number 1 by C.R. I have the Kenmore HE3T washer/dryers for the same reason. My mic is a Monogram mic/convection oven and the dishwasher is a Monogram. Those match, but it was by accident rather than design.

People swear by Miele, but they seem small and tempermental to me. Gaggenhau makes good products, and I almost went with their in-counter steamer but chose the counter space instead. Thermador says "GRILL" to me, but I remember liking their retro knobs on their stoves.

Do you own this apt? Anyway they can plumb in a gas line for all the units??
I purchased a GE profile top of the line about 4 years ago.. I love this gas range....although it is gas, I have found that this model is fantastic.

I have heard from people that Viking ranges are not what they are cracked up to be..have you checked consumer reports??
Another great site for product evaluation is consumersearch. Instead of writing their own reviews, they compile the best of all the reviews out there, so you always have a broad spectrum of input.

Sounds like induction is the wave of the future. Any future kitchen of mine will have at least one induction burner; I'm not sure I'd give up gas entirely yet. Here's a link to a NYTimes article from last year.
Just bought a Bosch to replace our old GE dishwasher - it was ~10 years old and still working, but never did get things particularly clean.

Bosch has a rebate programme going on right now through mid April I believe, as does PG&E. That reduced the price by about $100 total.

Only downside to the Bosch is that it's significantly smaller on the inside, but it's sooooo quiet.
Here's another vote for the Bosch dishwasher. We recently replaced a top of the line GE that kept leaking with a Bosch and it is amazingly quiet. We have an open floor plan and the GE could be heard across the house, but the Bosch you almost have to look at to know its running.
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We went with Wolf / Subzero for all our appliances and can second that their service is excellent and the products are fantatic. Sorry to hear about the all gotta love gas! Happy cooking ......and drinking!

Last time I purchased appliances, I also went with Wolf/Subzero. While I've been very happy with both, I admit that I'd check the market again against the SubZ. However, the Wolf would be a tough sell to get me to purchase another brand. Absolutely love it.
I agree w/ ArieS that induction is the way to go. Induction burners heat the pan more evenly, don't heat up the house as much, and are more efficient on the electric bill. They are also nice if you have kids around, you don't have to worry as much about them burning themselves since only the pan and what it comes in contact with gets hot.
We went with a Dacor cooktop and double oven. Love both and would do it again. The frig is a Subzero (also would do again). But the best decision we made was to go with the Miele dishwasher. The flatware 3rd level tray is the best. Make sure you specify the space in your cabinetry since the Miele is smaller by approx. 0.5 inches than domestic brands.
We redid our kitchen last year. Here's what we went with.

Dacor 36" cooktop - Induction was interesting but I grew up cooking with gas so I went that route. Choose the Dacor because all six burners were 15k BTU. I think Thermador offers a 36" with a single 18k BTU and a few more lesser ones. I didn't want to bother and have to worry about which burner to use.

Ovens were all in the same cabinet and went with Meile
Meile combination oven - microwave/convection/conventional
Meile oven - includes double rotisserie
Meile warming drawer

Bosch dishwasher - so quiet you'll hardly know it's on.

Still haven't decided on a fridge. Wolf/Viking and Subzero both seem to have service issues. Consumer report had 25% service issues with both of them. Thermador has a few new fridges out there. I've heard nice things about them but they don't have a long track record.


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