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We're staying down in Key Largo for Easter Week/Kids' Spring Break. If anyone can suggest a couple of restaurants (both "better" places where I can go with my wife and/or "family" places where we can go as a family) I'd appreciate it.
PS: Kids are 9 and 11 and they both eat (literally) anything that's edible, so we're not looking for places with chicken wings and hot dogs. Thanks again!
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Not sure about "better" - there is not much fine dining in Key Largo -

We tend to eat at the Fish House or Mrs. Macs in Key Largo - both are excellent - Ballyhoos looks cute, but I have never been there.

Check out MLV's blog for more info - I think both Mrs. Macs and Fish House are reviewed on her Blog -

No need to limit yourself to Key Largo as Islamorada and Tavernier are both within 15-20 minutes or so

for a really nice place, check out Pierre's. It's gorgeous and the food is
incredible. Great "date" place. Amazing view, ambiance, and food. Wine list is okay IMO. Corkage is $25

There's another place called the Islamorada Fish Club that has real good food, a nice scene, a little beach, and is great for kids / families.

MLV has tons of Keys experience, i'm sure she can suggest great places on the way to Key West. Make no mistake though, Key West is almost 3 hours from Key Largo.
The Marriott on the right a short way onto Key Largo has a very nice restaurant. If you care to drive South a bit, I know Islamorada very well - try The Green Turtle, Morada Bay (great view, outdoor dining next to Pierre's, causal), Uncles ( eat indoors or on the deck, very good food ) or Bentley's ( a bar type place, but excellent food and kids are welcome.) You could also try Lazy Days, where it's great to sit on the ocean front porch, but not worth going if they seat you elsewhere. Pierre's is good, but not a family place.
We're back and we enjoyed (among other dining experiences) the Hog Fish TJ style at Mrs Mac's, The Fish House's conch fritters and the house made biscuits for breakfast at Harriette's.
We also loved swimming with the dolphins (at Dolphins Plus) and snorkeling on a reef at Pennekamp State Park.
Great, relaxing vacation.
Thanks to all for advice.

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