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I have been doing keto (almost carnivore) for 3 months now. I was drinking once a week but decided against it for now because they say it takes 2-3 months of strict compliance to become fat adapted. 

Once I have reached the 3 month point I will drink wine when I want to. A bottle of dry wine is about 20 carbohydrates. The alcohol is problematic but I am not going to be one of those keto nuts who thinks they need to spend every minute of their lives in ketosis. Getting fat adapted is the goal for me. You may want to go easy on the Port though.

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You may want to go easy on the Port though.


I’ve been following mostly a carb-free diet for 5 weeks and have lost about 15 lbs.  I’ve had wine and dessert a few times during that period.  I don’t know if I can maintain ketosis for that long.  To start a weight-loss program, 2-3 weeks is good.  Then feel free to have wine or pasta every 7 days.  It’s worked for me.

Wine is out of the diet. Always! LOL. Wine is a way of life. It's like a water for fish. I know that you can still enjoy wine while remaining in ketosis. However, the Canada Drugs health blog mentions that it will slow the process down, cause the liver is aimed to process the alcohol as quickly as possible. And it means that other nutrients, like fat, are put on a temporary backburner.

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