I need some help. I was given this bottle as a gift and wanted to know if any of you have tried this wine. I'm having some trouble finding info on it. Any thoughts as far as ageing etc. would be great.
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Lucky you, its hard to get hold of and sells out in Oz very quickly.

This may help from my trip report a couple of years ago.

"When I arranged the appointment to visit the winery I asked if it would be possible to taste and review the 2000 Block 6 and Hillside Shiraz but was informed the wines were not being released for some months and tasting the finished wines would be possible. However they went one better. Colin Kay who is one of the most understated, modest, quietly spoken, gentle, and passionately eccentric people you could ever wish to meet. Colin was kind enough to show us through the barrel rooms and provide many samples of the 2000, 2001, and 2002 vintage wines.

Based on the barrel samples of the 2000 Block 6 , I placed an order. The wine has a full-bodied solid structure and developed complexity showing intense flavours, but not as huge as previous vintages and there is a definite refinement. It's almost ready to be bottled and I would hazard a guess it will wind up being rated as Excellent in the long term.

The barrel samples from the 2000 Hillside blew me away. The wine has sweet and savoury tastes, excellent structure and balance showing layers of chocolate and plums. This wine is very close to the quality of the Block 6.

We also tried barrel samples of the 2001 and 2002 wines and they will be worth waiting for. Its interesting to note that quantity for many McLaren Vale producers was way down in 2002, but Kays quantity was up. It's hard to beat fifty years experience and knowing exactly what the winery is likely to produce from any given situation.

At the end of a sampling we stood outside cellar door overlooking the panoramic view and had a chat. In his own right, Colin Kay is one of Australia's best winemakers and all he could talk about was his daughter's successful career and his pride in her achievements was something to behold. Colin is a truly modest and remarkable human being who is making old style wines because that's what he does and that's what he wants to do!"

Best drinking from about 2004-08.

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WOW! Thanks so much TORB I'm really looking forward to this wine now. Also, thanks for info on the winemaker he sounds like a great person. Looks like I'll give this some time and open it up in a couple of years.

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