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Ok KC Masterpiece is way touristy, Haywards was good 10 years ago and has went way down hill, Smokestack and Jacks Stack are good but a little Foo Foo... the best KC barbeque is Arthur Bryants on Brooklyn Ave for Beef Sandwich(huge) and Fries and Gates and Son for ribs. These are not restaurants but BBQ joints. Steak wise Jess and Jims in Martin City, no atmosphere and no wine list just great steak and potatoe place. JJ's on the country club plaza best service and wine list. The majestic Steak house down town has Jazz and a good steak. Starkers Reserve has an excellent wine list and is not really a steak house but has a good menu.
Ok -

Had a great trip. Steaks at Palza III, BBQ at Arthur Bryant's and a great dinnner at El Bodega with tapas. Also bought case+ wine:

Clos Pegase cab '99 (3)
Franciscan Magnificat '97 (1)
Marquis Phillip cab '03 (2)
Chehalem Stoller Pinot '02 (2)
Willakenzie Estate Pinot Peirre Leon '02 (1)
J.J Prum Reisling Spatlese Graacher Himmelreich '02 (2)
Dr. Loosen Reisling Bernkasteler Lay '02 (2)
Weingut Johannishof Reisling Johannisberger Klaus '03 (2)

Has a great time staying at the Marriott at Country Club plaza and spent the two days exploring the city. I was positively surprised how trendy Kansas City has become. A vrry cool city.

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