This is from Potter Valley fruit. Kalin wines normally take some time to develop. Thsi one had restrained nose and taste that took a long while in the glass to develop. Tasted like Daganeau's Pur Sang without the bracing acidity. Rich mouthfeel, no herbalness, very little grassiness. Interesting wine.
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How do you compare this to Spottswoode &/or Araujo Blanc?

P.S. I remember a conversation between Jones, you, & I about Spottswoode & Araujo Blancs. Which is better?

Jones preferred Araujo. Don't remember what you preferred.

Well, I had an Araujo Blanc while in Napa @ Bricks Restaurant.

My vote is Spottswoode over the Araujo Blanc. Spottswoode is Not as acidic & not as lemony. More texture/definition/taste to it. Not your typical Blanc.
LCC: I also prefer the Araujo, preferably after a couple of years. Spottswoode I find to be herbal tasting. This had the texture of a Pinot gris, but the SB flavors were restrained. Good to try once.
I also like the Rochioli as well as the differently-styled Peter Michaels. Still, my all-time favorite SB is the one Fred made at Seven Lions, not for sale.
Funny you should mention that, GMT. I had a bottle of Inox Sun night and the acidity was flying high. I never noticed it too much in previous tasting, just felt it was very crisp. I still liked it though.


I have never tried the SB, but I do agree with your comment about Kalin and aging. About 4-6 months ago, we opened a 94, it was great considering the age, but it also needed lots of time once the corked was pulled to come around.

I was really pleasantly surprised at many things Kalin makes, especially their sparkling wines which are REALLY distinctive. However, bottle variation happens more than usual for Kalin, it seems.
jb: I agree: this ahs to be one of the very best sparkling wines around. If you can't find any, I can put in touch with a friend who handles them at $50.00 per, I think.

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