I am new to this forum, but am hoping someone may be able to help me out with my wine dilemma.

I good friend of mine is going to have her baby this year, and I would like to buy her a bottle of wine that she can drink with her child when he or she turns 21. Sounds easy enough, however, because the child was conceived in Kaikoura, New Zealand, I would like to give her a red wine from that region, that will age well....21 years.

If anyone has any answers/advise, I would greatly appreciate it.

Thank you, Jess
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Hi Jess,

Welcome, but I'm sorry to report that there are no wines made in Kaikoura that would fit the bill.

There are maybe 20 acres of vines in the district in total. Most, if not all are sauvignon blanc, not a variety renowned for cellaring.

The balance of the wine that is sold at the "winery" overlooking Kaikoura is grown in Blenheim some 75 miles to the north. Indeed as far as I can tell, all the wine sold under this label is actually made in Blenheim. I also regret to say that there are very few wines made in NZ that would last as long as you require.

It is a lovely thought though, and rather than lose the idea, I suggest a Vintage Port ... ask for the advice of other posters on this after the coming northern hemisphere harvest.

Keep posting.
Jess, I would have to say that Vinserve is generally recognized on WS's forums as an authority on New Zealand, so, you can take his advice to heart. If you're interested and open to reds from Australia, I am sure he can give you some excellent advice. Penfolds Grange is one that will fit the bill for aging, I would think; however, with Vinserve's expertise, I'll bet he can give you some excellent options for Australian reds that we probably never get to see here in the U.S. You might post what your budget is. Be aware, however, that if you don't have some suitable place to store your wine, 21 years from now, it's going to be a disappointment if the wine has not been well cellared. You may know that already but if you didn't, you may see if a friend has a wine cellar where he may let you park your wine!
Here's my suggestion --

Get one bottle from the region and accept that it probably won't age worth a damn. Then fill out your gift with something that will. The Grange is a wonderful suggestion as is Calrendon Hills Astralis. There are easily 20-30 wines (probably more) from Australia that will hold up for two decades or more. You could always go with Bordeaux - easier to find and (generaly speaking) much more age-worthy.

Welcome to the Boards and congrats to your Kiwi friend.

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