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When I was in St Louis last week at my dad's 70th birthday party we went to wine merchants wine shop on my way to the airport back to Mpls and tasted K wines and magnificent house wine under his label. Had most of his portfolio and I thought all the wines were very good. Wines with alot of acidity and fruit that would be good with food. His house white was chardonnay with pinot gris, gewurtztraminer, muscat and riesling. Killer nose and for $8.99 a bottle great as well as his house red that was cab, merlot and a little syrah all from walla walla in washington. Charles was a cool 40ish grunge rocker wearing an old Ramones t-shirt which I dig because I own all 18 Ramones major label releases. What do you think about charles wine and winery? Razz
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The Magnificent Wine Co. House Red Wine has in the past been sourced and blended from one of the larger Washington wineries, which gets steady upper 80's and an occasional 90 score for their varietal bottlings. My understanding is that the sourcing varies, and I have noticed a lot of variation.
It's a great wine to serve at parties when most of the people like wine, but are not serious about it.

The wines made under the K label have much more individual character. Charles Smith states repeatedly that he is after hang time and big flavor, still, each of his wines show a different profile. Without using the "forbidden" word, that can be explained by the variety of vineyards from where he buy his grapes.
You're right that wines from the NW tend to hold a lot more acidity even when super ripe. I think that the lower angle of the sun and the cool evenings towards fall makes the difference.

All in all, the K wines are not what I look for, but his big Syrahs have somewhat of a cult following.

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