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It’s very unfortunate the PC’s couldn’t find a progressive and dynamic mind to lead their party. 

The sports writer Cathal Kelly published an interview with Scheer in the Globe today and I’m not sure I how feel about it.  Over the past year, I keep thinking there must be more to this guy and I’m just missing something but after reading it, doesn’t look like it. 

Sunnylea, anything is better for our province than Wynne and McGuinty. 

robsutherland posted:

Why I like the idea of a liberal minority is that they might hopefully see that they lost a majority because of Trudeau and replace him and the Conservatives will see that Sheer even campaigning against the blackface snowboard instructor can't win and replace him. Then when we have a snap election in the next year or so we get some new blood.

The likelihood of getting two new, qualified leaders to run in the next election is massively low but we currently have no qualified leaders to potentially run the country so...

What I wouldn't do for John Tory as PM...

Well said. Except for John Tory as I don’t know his politics but after Rob Ford, anyone would look like an angel.

Steve 8 flagged this discussion to me, knowing that I'm a political junkie, and wondering why I hadn't jumped in.  Fact is it never occurred to me that there could be a discussion on Canadian politics here.  Happy to see it!  But I expect that he (and others) may wish he'd never brought it to my attention!

My view is that there are only two parties who can form the government after Monday, the Conservatives or the Liberals.  As a life-long slightly left-of-centre (by Canadian standards) progressive voter there is no question which party will get my vote.  It's a stark choice:  a progressive government or one that is very much not.
Under Scheer's leadership, it looks like the Conservatives are back to being the Reform Party.  His bold-faced lies regarding increasing the GST, a 50% tax on new houses and his academic credentials remind me of the previous government's late-election desperation as shown in their Barbaric Cultural Practices Hotline. Add in the hiding of his American citizenship, which he has apparently gone to great lengths to maintain right up until the time he was caught hiding it make his personal transgressions at best no better than those of Trudeau when it comes to misbehaviour. 
In any case, there is too much focus on leaders in Canadian elections.  Despite what many think, aside from Stephen Harper, Prime Ministers give their Cabinet members lots of room to run things as they see fit. I know, having worked for two of them and having participated in policy-making for many others. And Trudeau gives his Ministers more latitude than most (notwithstanding the SNC Lavalin matter), according to a contact who knows very well how he and Cabinet Ministers work.
More important to me is the policies the parties will implement, or at least those they say they will implement.  Or those they won't.  This election the most important issue for me is climate change, especially as a parent and new grandfather.  Of the two parties that can form the next government, the choice on that issue could not be more stark:  do something or so nothing.  Again, no points for guessing which party is which! 
And yes, the deficit is a concern but our budget balance as a percentage of GDP, at 0.8%, is the second lowest in the G7 after Germany, unemployment is at its lowest in decades, and our interest rates and inflation remain low. And for good measure, this is what the OECD, as impartial an observer as there can be on these things, had to say about the Canadian economy in its last report: "Well-being is high in Canada, and the economy has regained momentum, supported by a rebound in exports and strengthening business investment.  Macroeconomic policies are gradually becoming less stimulatory, and budget policies are sustainable in the long term, although difficulties remain at the provincial level."
So, vote for another party if voting for Trudeau will keep you awake at night, or you are a social conservative, or you love or hate your local candidate.  But for me it comes down to which party, the Liberals or Conservatives, will be best for Canada going forward.  For me, it's the Liberals.
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