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I too ordered a case, but I know it is in bottle shock right now, as they just bottled the stuff. I won't open one for at least a couple months. Considering that the 99 Justification was miles above any other vintage, and comprises of the other 2 varietals in the Isosceles, I can only imagine how good this will be. 1999 so far is probably the best Paso Robles year I've seen.
I ordered 12 bottles and two magnums on faith and past experience. Jamie at the winery pronounced it superior to the '97 (but what do you expect!). How long does one wait for "bottle shock" to subside before tasting it? My all time favorite from Justin is their single vineyard Syrah from Halter Vineyards. Anyone else taste it?
the Halter Syrah was the MacGillivray Syrah in 98, right?
I can't find my notes on the 98, but I remember being not too impressed at the time I tried it. I thought it could have used another year in the bottle. A lighter syrah than what I was hoping for. I haven't been impressed with any of the Justin 1998 offerings.

They are charging $38 per for the Wine Society members. It lists for $47.50. In two years the retail price has risen almost 10 dollars! A bit upsetting to be sure and hopefully they won't keep jacking the price as if they were a Napa Valley winery.

Nick, what did you think of the 97 6 months ago????
i too, ordered a case of the 99 isoceles and a case of the 99 cab, but have yet to open one. i am getting married there 6/8/02(!), and was concerned that my party would not be allowed to drink as much as they want and even that they might hold back on the good stuff, so i'll have these 2 cases on hand just in case! the 97 and 98 isoceles were both great, but there is an obvious difference. i am going to fianlize some details at the winery this weekend, but i think they are close to out of just about everything?
A few comments about Justin wines (I have been a fan for over a decade):

The 1998 Syrah I found disjointed when I first bought it.... 6 months later, it blossomed into a beautiful bottle of wine, and the rest of the case disappeared in just a few months. I wish I had more. The 2000 is due out in July, and I will purchase some, as the barral sample I tasted 4 months ago was quite impressive.

The Isosceles has been a stellar wine for a decade. The 1994, which won the Pichon-LaLande trophy in 1997, is still young and tight, with great balance and structure, as of last month.
The 1995 is the lightest of the vintages, possibly due to the initial release of the Isosceles Reserve that vintage (which, BTW, is drinking very nicely right now!). The 1996 is fine, the 1997 is still developing, and the 1998 has overcome its initial awkwardness to bloom into a very nice bottle of wine. The 1999 reminds me a lot of the 1997 and 1994 in depth and structure. I don't think you can go wrong with it.

Is $40 to $47.50 a reasonable price for the 1999?? Compare it to some 3rd growths from Bordeaux in a great year, and you tell me. I say "Yes!"
I tried the '99 Isosceles at the Grand Tour in Chicago. By the time I got to it, my palate (and brain) were pretty-well shot, but it still cut through all the "fog" and tasted very good.

I'd be surprised if it hit the "97" level as suggested above... but then... I've been surprised by Parker and Spectator many times before. My guess: 93-94; but a very nice wine at a relatively attractive price.
Dr. T

$56 per is a pretty steep price, but I thought the 99 Isosceles was a stellar wine. I feel strongly that it will reach the 97 quality IMO. Therefore I would try to search it out a little longer and if you can't find any more, at least buy one or two at the place you have found it. Can you get a case discount and throw a few of those in the case? In my area I have seen it anywhere from $38-59/bottle.
After opening a bottle this past Sunday I would definitely buy a couple even at a $56 price if I didn't have any in the cellar. I am just glad I got my allotment from the winery for $38 which is a great value for what I feel is an excellent wine. I agree that it is most similar to the 94 and 97 Isosceles but it is much more approachable now than those two were upon release. Also glad to hear the 98 is coming together since I was somewhat disappointed with it the last time we drank a bottle.
This was one of my favorites from the Las Vegas Wine Expo a couple of weeks ago. Very forward, even in the glass, which can't contain the wide range of fruit nuances typical of the blend.
The medium+ frame supports flavors of plum, blackberry, black cherry, and a touch of oak. Mouthfeel is soft and supple. The finish is extended with ample tannins that ensure at least moderate ageability.
I almost hate to post this, but I paid $34 for my first case and $39 for subsequent purchases. So Cal seems to have enough competition in the biz to keep prices "reasonable"
I'm to the point where I've switched from a "Strong Buy" to an "Accumulate", but I love this wine!

Better Red Than Not
Shane, we are on the same wavelength. I had the first of my six pack last night at Green Gables Inn. (Jersey guys, start drooling now!!) All I can say is, WOW! The nose was very intense with violets and black cherry. Beautiful plum, and velvety chocolate flavors and a long, long finish. Tannins were still pretty burly, even after 2 hrs. open. This one could last a while, IMO. I'd give it a jb Rating of 93 pts.

I liked this wine a lot but did not think it was a blockbuster. Wino and I tasted it before a 94 Dominus -- I thought it was a solid effort - very nice extraction and fruit. I found that it lacked some of the complexity to get me say "wow" like some of the other posters. We paid $50 and it was a decent buy at that price point, but I will only add to what I already have if I see it for less... IMHO -- 92 pts.
Shanenw1: In all fairness, it is one of the
best California wines for the money. There
are however, a few wines that for one reason
or another have peaked my interest. At the risk of going off on a QPR thread, a few that come to mind are:

'00 JC Cellars Syrah $35
'99 Clos de L'oratoire Syrah $22
'98 Allegrini Palazzo Della Torre $15
'98 Leasingham 'Classic Claire' Shiraz $40
'99 and '00 Henry's Drive Shiraz $35-40
'97 Antinori Tenute Marchese Chianti $32
'98 Ridge Geyserville $38
Dr. T, From the limited conversation we had at the 6/15 event and through reading your posts over the last half year or so, I am positive you will thouroughly enjoy this bottling. I bought one 6 pack plus 3 when it first came out. I am now down to three bottles and ordered another 6 pack already. The 99 Isosceles is so good and accessible now, yet will go for many more years all at a resonable price point, enjoy.

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