Hello All!  

Just joined the Wine Spectator Forum and I'm looking forward to talking with all of you about wine.  Sharing what I know and what I continue to learn.

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flwino posted:

hope this is not a "sales" pitch.

Welcome aboard

Hope springs eternal...  The corporate logo doesn't bode well, how'eer.  

Welcome for now, Joanna  Please feel free to chime in with some positive contributions.


The cynic in me suspects that this is a “reciprocal links / SEO” post: the more external links back to your website that you have, the higher you’ll appear in search engine results.

But if not, welcome and I look forward to your contributions.

Hello again all.  Thanks so much for all of your replies.  I'm really here just to talk about wine.  If sharing the existence of my website in the process offends, please let me know why. 

I regret it has taken me time to reply; I was travelling.  Did a bit of the PA Wine Trail, specifically the S W Passage.  Klay was my favorite.   Has anyone else been there?  

I agree with Rothko. Welcome.

To answer your question about your website listing, let's say that most initial posts that contain a commercial link have been from people whose intention was to promote their business, and not discuss wine.  I'll look forward to your participation.  One nice way to show your lack of ulterior motive would be to remove the commercial portion of your signature for a little while, become a productive member of the community, and slide it in later on.  

Either way, again... welcome!


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