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Originally posted by Purple Teeth:
Chicken over mesquite with a Chinon.

Originally posted by wine+art:
Sounds like an interesting pairing.

Chicken IMHO is a wonderful match with Chinon. The mesquite component is somewhat unconventional, but the herbal, earthy characteristic of the mesquite plays quite well with those same qualities in the Cab Franc. Also works very well with pork.

That's what I love about this thread. Not only is it about two of my three favorite subjects (food and wine), but one can be exposed to all sorts of new techniques and ideas.
Well Sat we had a CRS offline at my grill. We started out with some shrimp wrapped in pancetta then moved on to some bluepoint oysters I had picked up fresh from the dock that day. Grilled those up till they popped open then topped with a tarragon compound butter and put back on the grill to finish. Man were those good. Big Grin Thanks to Landshark for helping with the tongs on those ! And Red4life for shucking open some fresh ones for us too

After all the wines and fun we finally ate dinner at 11pm !! Ribs, chicken, tri tip, baked potato, and caesar salad on the side.
Fathers Day and my birthday BBQ at my house. I did all the grilling - even had to pick up and pay for my own birthday cake (how sad). Wink I was near the bakery anyway.

Grilled Chicken cutlets in a sesame mandarin marinade, brushed with olive oil just before done to keep moist.

Hot sausage links

Sweet sausage ring

Spare Ribs

Roasted Peppers

Hope you all enjoyed your Father's Day!

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