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I got a couple of weird looks down in my office building's parking garage a few minutes ago.

Let me explain...I was pouring marinade on the pork tenderloins I plan on grilling tonight at a wine tasting to which I'm headed right after work. I was keeping the meat and marinade separate for awhile down in my trunk (in an ice chest, of course). Since there's soy sauce in the marinade, I didn't want to leave it on for too awfully long. But, BOY did I get a few weird glances! I even managed to keep my tie clean as I poured the stuff into the freezer bag!

Marinade for Pork
-soy sauce
-olive oil
-lemon juice
-dijon mustard
-lots of minced garlic
-minced parsley

Yum! Can't wait! Big Grin
Originally posted by Purple Teeth:

I've only had ground bison once and it was pretty dry, although tasty. Is it typically dry, or do you enhance the meat before grilling?

Sorry about taking so long to respond, but I don't always check this section of the forum. The ground bison we have had so far has been great, and not dry at all. I am very very careful when BBQing bison burgers, and as soon as they are done they are off the grill or they will dry out.

We make our own patties with the usual egg, breadcrumb, onions, seasonings, sometimes bbq sauce etc. Usually the seasoning is our own version of "Emeril's Essence".

Hope that helps.

Last night was pork tenderloin marinated in Carvers Greek dressing.

Carvers greek dressing is unbelievable for a quick marinate for chicken or pork (maybe even lamb... that might be next). Open up the bottle, dump it in and let sit for a few hours or even over night.

Our stores here stopped carrying Carvers about 3 years ago but I found it recently at a small local Italian store and it made my day!


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