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Bez's squid ink fettucini (tossed with cherry tomatoes, shrimp, sliced grilled chicken, orange bell peppers)-This was wonderful, it combined seafood properties with summer colors of red and orange


Cheese plate of mammoth cheddar, mammoth monterrey jack, and gorzonzoa dolce served with mini toasts and grapes

Chocolate brownies

Went nicely with a 2001 Da Vinci Reserva Chianti
Last night:

- fresh goat cheese ('04 Cloudy Bay SB)
- huge sea scallop on bed of corn risotto ('97 Chablis, name escapes me)
- grilled lamb loin chops, big grilled white mushrooms, grilled asparagus ('95 Ridge Lytton Springs, '95 Pesquera, '95 Shafer Hillside)
- cream puffs with raspberry coulis ('98 Kracher #4 TBA Muscat Ottonel)

I'm still full. Smile
Tonight I roasted a whole chicken: stuffed the bird with cilantro, lime, garlic, and onions. Rubbed the bird with a little EVO, cracked pepper, and Hawaiian sea salt. Poured a half bottle of Sierra Nevada Pale Ale in the pan and threw it in the oven for 1 1/2 hrs. I served it with blue corn pancakes w/a cilantro sour cream sauce. Fantastic!
Originally posted by jennj007:
Poured a half bottle of Sierra Nevada Pale Ale in the pan and threw it in the oven for 1 1/2 hrs. Fantastic!

Originally posted by Seaquam:
Just curious: did the bird sit IN the ale, or is it on a rack above the liquid?

The chicken was in the pan on top of a mound of onions, etc. but the beer is poured right in, so at some point, when the onions are soft, the bird is sitting in the beer, but remember it's only 6oz. to begin with, so it's not like it's immersed.
No Aussie crabs today( those suckers are $75.00 a lb Eek) I did find the place and bought an Aussie lobster, a 5 pounder. Killed it, boiled it in court boullion, cut it in half, rubbed it with butter and seared it on the grill.
A bottle of Besserat de Belefont Brut Rose, my aioli and some bread. It was a good snack. Now it's time to walk to friends' house for some pork kebabs.

On Friday, they are getting live spotted prawns!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cool

p.s. How to cook an Alaskan crab? Confused Anyone?

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