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Last night at West restaurant in Vancouver:

-- fresh swimmer scallop with chanterelles in a light demiglace
-- duck breast perfectly seared and roasted, stuffed deboned duck leg, huckleberry sauce, onion crusted potato, and what they called a "foie gras bonbon'' which was a small piece of foie gras in thin dough ball deep-fried so the liver melted, the most decadent thing I've had in my mouth in recent memory.

There were 3 other people with me; everyone raved about their meals. My wife had a great piece of fresh spring salmon in a foamy pine mushroom veloute with dungeness crab and leek puree, which was a stunner; I'll order that next time, which will be very soon. The others also had desserts that looked terrific; this place takes a back seat to no one in presentation.

Had a Blue Mountain sparkler as well as '03 Blue Mountain Pinot Noir Reserve, both predictably good, and a delicious '01 Sauternes from a producer I wasn't familiar with and have already forgotten, though I shouldn't. The others also had desserts that looked terrific; this place takes a back seat to no one in presentation.
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Last night I made a simple meal of sauteed beef tenderloin with a compound butter (butter, Danish blue, and some leftover Port) with some stir-fried vegetables and steamed peaches-n-cream corn (frozen). I think we had a thread here a while ago about compound butters; what an easy way to dress up some beef or other meat. I don't know why I don't do it more often.

Also a bottle of '97 Beringer Merlot Howell Mountain Bancroft Ranch, which is probably drinking as well as it's going to. Big cassis, cherry fruit, some tobacco, vanilla, really more like a good Cab than a Merlot, dense, still a bit of tannin on the end, a real mouthful of red wine, around 93-4 pts.
Originally posted by ArieS:
Originally posted by grunhauser:
antipasto? That's not an Italian antipasto. It looks like someone blew chunks on your plate. Birger, chew your cucumbers well next time.

Hey, I think that's good enough for Serge, he wouldn't know the difference anyway, would he?

this has all the ingredients of the longest
"what are you eating" thread in WS history,
happy to help, always.

ArieS, Grynt,
here is my Italian food pics,
Italian Pasta
Steak Fiorentine
Italian Wine

now show me yours.

I have 220 more from Italy,
let's see who has bigger Italian Food experience.
Originally posted by grunhauser:
BTW, a tip for my thirsty Napa buddies, Brix in Yountville has Henriot Souverain Brut at ridicuolos $27 a bottle...I had 3 yesterday with crabcakes, dumplings, foie gras, etc..

Were you alone?? Eek

Congratulations on 6000 posts, grunhauser!! You bring a lot of fun and levity to the forums. Smile
Originally posted by grunhauser:
Oh yeah, and thanks, dudes. I am glad someone recognizes my inestimable contribution to this dump. The winter/spring vaccination campaign alone is enough to warrant a special acknowledgement by some kind internet health and safety organization. Razz

couldn't you have timed it so that it was post count 6606 on 6/6/06? that would have been so metal. Razz

congrats! Smile

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