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steve8 posted:

That is not a good price for the Produttori normale. The 2014 was $39 here and the 2015 is currently available for $42.

Of course that pales compared to the $516 they want for the 2011 Solaia.

Some the South African whites interest me if I can remember to order on the day they are made available.

Thanks Steve - yikes!  Add $9 to the KGBO price and get the Riserva Produttori at SAQ. 


Ciccio10 posted:

What about this for $64??

Maison Roche De Bellene Collection Bellenum Gevrey-Chambertin Villages 2000

I found early vintages of Roche de Bellene to be quite variable, with some real disappointments, so I stopped buying them.   I'm not 100% if this bottling is when he was buying up earlier vintage wines from other producers and relabeling to launch his brand.   


I was busy and didn't log on until 8:35. It showed 3 bottles of the Prado still available but when I added them to my cart it said the Prado was unavailable. I refreshed the page a few times, and each time it showed a different quantity available - 2, 3, 5 - and each time it wouldn't let me add them to my cart... until about 8:40 when I was finally able to secure 2 bottles and check out.

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