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A local family-run Italian place has a Wednesday special with a selection of four entrees for $50, carry out only. Tonight we placed an order for the second time, fairly simple and “traditional” but everything was quite tasty with good portions. Our selections were chicken parm, sausage and peppers, spaghetti carbonara and rigatoni with spinach, ricotta, garlic and oil. It also came with plenty of bread, containers of grated cheese and a quart of their very good minestrone soup. Dinner for my wife and I, and we’ll both take leftovers for lunch the next two days. I love that we now live walking distance to a small downtown with places like this that we can support.

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I assume, Joe, that they don't do Osso Bucco or veal chops on the Wednesday night special.  Maybe they don't make much $, but they use this as a "loss leader" to get people in.

We've had some decent meals at a local place called Cuvino, which got two wine glasses in the current WS print edition.  They have a huge list of Italian wines.  Probably 30 Baroli, 30 Brunelli, and many Amarone, Chianti, and others as well.  And, they have about 15 bottles on the $25 per bottle special list, some of which are quite good, and I think priced at only 1.5 X retail.  And, the food is good, though not as inexpensive as billhike's local joint.

Correct - no seafood or other “higher end” entrees are part of this deal. An order of 8 meatballs would be an available entree choice. They have rotated in and out additional chicken choices such as Marsala and piccata. You can also order wine to take home for a heavy discount from their small list, I believe 50% off.

A small added bonus is that their takeout containers are very sturdy with snug lids, and we get many uses out of them for leftovers, freezing, etc.

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