July 2018: What's for Dinner?

Last night ate at Vito's Cafe.  Had a wonderful caprese salad, followed by an herb encrusted tuna, over tomatoes and capers.  Delicious. 

Brought my last bottle of I Balzini White Label Super Tuscan 2009
Blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Sangiovese.  93 points from WS at one point.

Waiter told us that Robert Parker had just left the place when we got there, and had sat at the same table we got.  He had veal milanese and brought a CdP. 

It's not exactly pasta weather but what  we had a taste for. Sauteed red bell pepper, yellow and green zucchini, garlic, shallots, spicy Italian sausage with fresh basil and fresh parsley as well as a few dried herbs. Tossed with penne and topped with grated Pecorino. 

with zucchinis growing at breakneck speed these days if you wait 3-4 days between harvest you end up with a few at 24"+.  So.... when life gives you giant zucchini's.... you cut lengthwise, bread, fry & make zucchini parmesan in tomato sauce with mozz & proscuitto.  

g-man posted:
napacat posted:
g-man posted:

Fried dumplings and scallion pancakes

Could live on these two foods.  

I need noodles too !!  But otherwise yes!

To me Asian / Chinese food is the best there is.  Getting used to the numbing of the Szechuan peppercorns!  And love noodles...especially cold.

irwin posted:

Waiter told us that Robert Parker ... had veal milanese and brought a CdP. 

What an odd pairing.  Hopefully it was a CdP blanc, not a rouge.  But even a CdP blanc is strange.  The dish calls for a crisp refreshing Italian white wine, especially on a hot humid July evening.

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