July 2018 - What Are You Buying?

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2016 Hamilton Russell Chardonnay

Any Good?    I think my favorite was the '15...

My mistake.  It was the 2017s that I bought.  This is a yearly purchase for me, but I haven't yet opened either the 2016s or 2017s.  I like them with a bit of age.  For my taste, the 2012s are drinking well, and have been for a while .

A quick tour of Niagara yesterday. No detailed list of what we tasted, but suffice to say that the wines I bought were my favourites at each location.

Leaning Post
Some decent Chards and Rieslings, especially the Wismer wines, but little that was worth buying. Wasn't a fan of their Pinots. Too much beetroot. Ended up buying a few of the Geek Riesling. Interesting process and profile.

3 x 2015 Leaning Post Riesling The Geek

Hidden Bench
A big step up from Leaning Post IMHO. Didn't try the Pinots, but very much enjoyed their Chards and Rieslings. Also enjoyed their 2013 Natur Zero Dosage sparkler. Bought 3 each of the following:

3 x 2014 Hidden Bench Riesling Roman's Block 
3 x 2014 Hidden Bench Chardonnay Felseck

Some very good wines - both red and white. Liked the Gamays and Chards. Bought the following:

2 x 2014 Malivoire Chardonnary Moira Vineyard
2 x 2015 Malivoire Cabernet Franc

Pearl Morissette
Always save the best for last. Was able to get a tasting appointment for the last slot of the last day they were offering tastings until probably later this year. Had an unexpected bonus: winemaker Brent Rowland conducted the tasting for us. Great guy. Ran through 6 bottles, plus a pour of the current Cab Franc from stainless. It'll hopefully be bottled in a month or two. My favourite of the day was the 2013 Black Ball Riesling, but I already have a bunch of that so instead I bought my other two favourites:

3 x 2016 Pearl Morissette Chardonnay Cuvée Métis Blanc
3 x 2014 Pearl Morissette Cabernet Franc Cuvée Madeline

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4x 2010 Roda I Reserva Rioja

Delicious wine. I tasted it at the winery in November and drank it at Smyth in Chicago last night, and it was great. I need to try to source more here, as I only grabbed a couple at the winery.

There are still a few bottles of the 2009 floating around the LCBO system.

pd2k posted:

Probably my Rivers Marie allocation...still deciding since I'm kinda funny stocked.

It has been a few years since I bought some of the Cab allocation, but thought I might do so this time around.  I had a bit of sticker shock looking at the prices, so I think I'll probably pass. 

2016 Tardieu-Laurent, Tavel, Vieilles Vignes

2016 Hamilton-Russell, Chardonnay

2015 Trimbach, Pinot Gris, Reserve

2015 Elgin Vintners, Pinot Noir

2014 Leeuwin Estate, Shiraz, Art Series

NV  Gonet-Medeville, Champagne, Tradition

NV  Nominé-Renard, Champagne, Blanc de Blancs

2008 Sophie Cossy, Champagne, Cuvée Vieilles Vignes

2006 Taittinger, Champagne, Comtes de Champagne

NV Vilmart, Champagne, Grand Cellier

NV Vilmart, Champagne, Grande Réserve

NV Geoffroy, Champagne, Expression

NV Juvé Y Camps, Cava, Reserva de la Familia, 40th Anniversary

2016 CARM, Douro, Maria de Lourdes, White

2015 Sijnn, Malgas, White

2010 Sijnn, Red (Shiraz, Touriga Nacional, Mourvedre, Trincadeira)

2016 Jean Paul Brun, Beaujolais, Chardonnay

2016 Pieropan, Soave Classico, Calvarino

2015 Manoir du Carra, Moulin À Vent, Les Burdelines

2017 Domaine La Suffrene, Bandol, Rosé

Recent purchase

2016 Rivers Marie Napa Cab (missed out on Herb Lamb which sold out in a day)

2017 Scherrer Zin futures (annual split case of Shale Terrace and OMV) - these age beautifully

1997 Phelps Cab (for a 97 vs 98 Napa Cab face off with friends a couple weeks)

steve8 posted:

Oops, my bad.

I see you picked up some of the Vilmart, Coeur de Cuvée. I was tempted but resisted, only because of all the other Champagnes I bought last week. That and the fact the birthday bonus offer expired.

I wanted and will pick up some of the Viemart Grand cellier that you brought last weekend. It was excellent. But the 2009 cuvee coeur is currently 25% off so I bought a bottle. I will buy the Grand cellier later on as more is available.


Interest in the monthly Classics releases (LCBO) seems to be waning.  I forgot all about it this morning; when I checked in at 1pm, very little of the wines were sold out.  I was able to get all that I wanted:

2015 Chapoutier Chante-Alouette Hermitage Blanc

2013 Cain Five

NV Gaston Chiquet D'Ay Blanc de Blancs Brut

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