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Buying an actual juicer today after a while of using a blender and cheesecloth...any recommendations? I need something that’s easy to use and clean most importantly. Obviously, I would prefer it to be cheap actually as cheap as possible. We’re moving cross country in less than a year and downsizing but I can’t keep doing the blender thing especially when I want to make some for days in advance. We’re going to Walmart now and home goods are right next door so figured we would check that first: click here

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You know a wine board going down the tubes when a 'Juicer recommendations" topic is trending at the top of the Board for many weeks among other Top 5 topics living at the top for months, like 'What Are You Buying', 'What are you drinking', and 'Say Something Completely Random And Off Topic'.

It’s been long gone. What’s your point?

I am sure that the most important part that I wanted to know before to buy a juicer is how easy are each to clean. I wanted to see how quickly the better juicer got cleaned up. Love my Omega NC800 cold press juicer. It’s so quiet. Apparently its the top dog of cold press juicers. One special feature is it takes me 2 minutes to clean. Actually you should do your own research through the sites like improveeats  and blogs.

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