I still have a buzz as I am typing this so please excuse any spelling errors. We had a fantastic dinner last night at Green Gables Inn. All wines were tasted blind in Riedel Vinums for whites and Burgundy Soms for the reds. Vinum Cab stems for the Italians and Syrah. Here are the cast of charecters:

jb & mrs. jb
ojeffso & mrs. ojeffso
My buddy Rip and his wife Janet
Katra, Bethel, Jennifer and Suzanne

The wines:
WINE A: '00 J. BOILLOT PULIGNY MONTRACHET CLOS DE LA MOUCHERE rp94 - brought by jb - Color is pale yellow. Nose is somewhat muted, but reveals pear and peach. Zippy citrus and lime on the palate. Lively finish. jb Rating 91. Wine was revisited 2 hrs later and had improved markedly. Showing more vanilla bean and carmel flavors. Now jb rating 93

WINE B: '00 V. GIRARDIN PULIGNY MONTRACHET LE CHAMP GAIN VIELLE VIGNES WS91 - brought by jb - Fuller bodied wine than A. Stronger nose of butterscotch and pear. On the palate, pear comes through with smoke and stone,with a hint of vanilla. Very long finish. My favorite of the night. jb Rating 93

WINE C: '98 V. GIRARDIN PULIGNY MONTRACHET LE CHAMP GAIN VIELLE VIGNES WS90 - brought by Rip - Another full bodied Chardonnay, straw in color. Aromatic notes of sweet, ripe peach and pear. White fruits and carmel on the palate. Very rich wine. Finish was a little shorter than B. jb Rating 92.

WINE D: '01 MELVILLE CHARD INOX 76 RP90 - brought by jb - Lighter in color and body than the other wines. More floral on the nose, revealing zippy pineapple, white peach and minerals on the palate. Moderately long finish. jb Rating 90

SUMMARY: Everyone but me thought C was the best. I felt B had better length. Many picked D as their next favorite. Melville is doing great things these days. Interesting (and lucky) to have Rip bring the same wine I did, just a different vintage.

WINE E: '99 D. MORTET GEVREY CHAMBERTIN LAVAUX ST. JACQUES WS92 - brought by jb - Almost inky in color. Huge nose of black cherry and spice. Flavors of blackberry, earth and dried herbs. This is very tannic and probably very young. Good length and big, big wine. jb Rating 90.

WINE F: '99 V. GIRARDIN CORTON RENARDES RP93-95 - brought by Rip - Another very dark Burgundy. Nose is somewhat funky. Somebody let the horses in. On the palate though, chunky dark fruits, plum, black cherry, and a little oak. This wine needs lots of time as it is pretty tannic. ojeffso remarked that it drank like a young Rhone. An excellent observation. jb rating 91.

WINE G: '98 MEO-CAMUZET VOSNE ROMANEE LES CHAUMES WS93 - brought by jb - This wine appears to be older. Garnet color with a nose of rose petals and raspberries. More raspberries, Queen Anne cherries and briary notes on the palate. Brilliant finish. Excellent balance. Loved this. jb Rating 94.

WINE H: '93 R. ARNOUX CLOS DE VOUGEOT RP? - brought by ojeffso - Oh my god, this is unreal! Color is lighter than the others. Nose is so beautifully perfumed with violets, roses and sweet ripe cherries. Wonderful purity of fruit in the mouth, bursting with strawberry, cherry and raspberry. Still could go longer with this wine, but drinking excellent now. I thought about 95, but decided it needed to go up. jb Rating 97.

SUMMARY: I felt the Arnoux was mind blowing. Others preferred the thicker, more forwardness, of the Mortet (Rip). All were great, but to me, the Arnoux had complexities that set it apart. ojeffso called WINE E as a Mortet before the bag came off. Impressive.

Board-O, I am now a believer! [Big Grin]

OTHER WINES TASTED - brought by Revlis

'98 SEGHESIO BAROLO LA VILLA - WARNING! I KNOW NOTHING ABOUT ITALIAN WINE! Dark, inky black with blackberry, blueberry and spicy flavors. Nice length. jb Rating 89.

'93 BANFI BRUNELLO POGGIO ALL-ORO - I hope I got the name right. This one was excellent. Dark, dark purple with loads of sweet fruit, plum, anise and a wee bit of oak. Longer than the Seghesio. Well integrated tannins. jb Rating 93.

'98 CLOS MIMI SHELL CREEK SYRAH - I went back to this a couple of times. Very lovely Syrah. Thick, rich and definitely New World. Loads of blueberries and cedar(?). Gripping tannins. This could be cellared for a while. jb Rating 91.

'95 DOM. DE FENOUILLET MUSCAT BEAUMES DE VENISE - brought by ojeffso - This is a brilliant sweet wine. I love good B-D-V! Bursting with orange peel. I am losing the ability to discern at this point. Let's just say "YUMMY" jb Rating 93

'98 PENNY HILL MCLAREN VALE FORTIFIED SHIRAZ - brought by ojeffso - I liked this. That's all I can say. No rating.

Great night. Excellent food, as always. Fantastic wines. But the best part was the company and conversation. [Smile]

Original Post
Sounds great, jb. I'm a big fan of Robert Arnoux. His Pommard Epenots is one of my favorites and his wines are usually available for a moderate price. I'm glad you enjoyed it. If you have another and hold it for 4 or 5 years, I'll bet you'll like it even more.
Board-O, I must admit a bit of an epiphany after having that Arnoux. ojeffso brought it so I don't have any more. Maybe he'll let me know when he opens another. It was fantastic. I'm going to take your advice on waiting on the grand crus. I will not touch another one for at least five years. Boy, I hope I can find some older ones at a decent price. Unlikely, I know.

I hope ojeffso posts again soon!

Glad to hear it, jb. I haven't done many things at the right time, except buying my house and stocking my wine cellar. My advice is to spend a disproportionate (Hah! More syllables than your "epiphany") amount when setting up the cellar to allow wines to mature. Then fill in year after year. Then when you get to be my age, you'll have your choice of many mature wines. I know young wines have youthful charm, and I like my Zinfandels, Syrahs, and almost all whites young, but a well aged Grand Cru Burgundy from a great year is the greatest wine of all, imo, with Bordeaux a close second.

Agree with your general assessment of the '99 V. GIRARDIN CORTON RENARDES, although I rated it higher, more in the RP range. It is tannic and does need more years to soften/open, but since I bought a case of it and have 11 more bottles to go, I think there'll be plenty of opportunity to watch it evolve.
j bembry, I'm only posting now because I have the time to post properly.

Anyhow, as you are new to Italian wine(I was new to it just a few months ago), I was completely new to Burgundies, and haven't had anything better than the Melville Pinot Noir which I think popular opinion has suggested I got a bad bottle of.


Wine A: Started very sour to me... Lots of lemon/lime that was overpowering to my palate.... after swirling it around a bit, it seemed to fade. I wish I had a second round later on with this. Rev rates it: 88

Wine B: This wine started the same way... too much sour! However, this wasn't as overpowering, and again I think needed more air time. This wasn't at first the same wine served at Willow 6/15. Luckily I had a second round of this after it warmed up a little with lots more air time, and I completely recognized what this wine was about... The buttery pear was on top, underneath having a slight apricot/lemon undertone. Thick coating finish with a long aftertaste.
Rev rates it: 92

Wine C: At first, I knew I liked this one the best so far, since it didn't show that tart/sour palate as much, but then after swirling around, it really came out. Rev rates it: 93

Wine D: I liked this a lot in the beginning. Reminded me more of a classic california Chard. Pear buried in some Oak with peach surrounding it. It was indeed lighter than B and C, but still held it's own. Great QPR.
Rev rates it: 90

Onto the reds... these were much more difficult for me since I really don't know what to expect. It didn't help that they were all over the spectrum in what they were showing.... I was confused, yet in awe at the same time. I was so immensely enjoying these wines out of the Burgundy soms.... another first for me.
Disclaimer about my notes... I am really only picking what I don't like out of these, since they really are fantastic in so many respects that I don't understand yet. Hence my scores are probably higher than my notes sound.

Wine E: Huge dark fruit and spices on the nose and palate... little bit of the tart rasberry that I don't like, but it soon dissipated a little as it got some good air time in the Riedel Burgundy Soms glass. Great introduction.. the more I swirled, the more I liked it. Some definite mineral on the finish, with a somewhat tannic aftertaste... not too bothersome though.
Rev rates it: 90

Wine F: Agree with jb about the barnyard earthy tone this one had. That was just a very interesting aspect of this wine that I think I enjoyed more than him. Definitely cherry/spice again, with a little bit of that tart characteristic I seem to disagree with.. damn that rasberry messing with my cherry! :-) (no jokes please!) hehehe. I overheard jeff's comment and readily agreed. Seems very young.
Rev rates it: 92

Wine G: I seem to have forgotten to write notes on this one. Probably too busy looking at Katra. :-D From memory I know I loved the "third" burgundy a lot... that is until I got to the next one. Perhaps that's why I forgot about this one.

Wine H: WHOHAOHAH!!! I LIKE THIS ONE!!! WOOO!!!!! *breaths in* aaaaahhhhh.. this smells so nice..... so smooth... dark cherry, lots of smooth supple currant, first time I've tasted currant in a Pinot Noir grape. Didn't expect it. This definitely seems much older than the first too. Not surprised to find it was a '93. This is ready to drink NOW! I'm totally converted to liking Burgundy. Especially ones like this that are so gorgeous on the palate.
Rev rates it: Easy 98. I absolutely loved this... perhaps my rating is high, but to hell with it. Probably the best one I'll have for a long long while. Gorgeous, absolutely gorgeous.

'98 Seghesio Barolo La villa. Had it before, loved it, brought it to the tasting. Rated it 94 I think, and still agree now, but is definitely young, needs to cellar, and wasn't opened up enough yet when jb had it. Was hoping I could give him a second tasting but it was gone. I know ojeffso said he liked it more and agreed with my notes a little bit more, but again needed more time. At least 5 hours plus. :-/

'98 Sandrone La Vigne Barolo RP95 -- This was absolutely huge, super "chunky" as ojeffso likes to say. Second best wine of the night for me behind the '93 Arnoux. Definitely needs at least 10 years... super young, but so well structured. You could tell it was just waiting to cry out with it's enormity.
Rev rates it: 95, but I bet in ten years that'll go up.

'93 Banfi Brunello Poggio All'Oro -- Super smooth, perfect time to open, ready to drink after 1/2 hour, but has length to drink over the next few years. Great Black cherry, currant, plum, smooth supple tannins, acidity blended in very well. Rev rates it: 93

Clos Mimi '98 Shell Creek: This is one of my all time favs... but it somehow didn't show well... I believe it wasn't decanted enough. I normally go six hours on this. I can't keep my hands off it. Didn't seem as extracted as this wine can get. It's normally just huge and complex... but after all this other great wine, this seemed lacking a little bit. I normally just glow about this wine... just.. was bad timing perhaps? Rev rates it this time around: 90. I've rated previously a 94.

The muscat, and fortified shiraz were amazing. The two non Wine-O's I brought, that love to drink wine but don't know much about it, absolutely went nuts over the fortified shiraz. Definitely hit their sweet tooth, and mine. Was amazing with the chocolate dessert. Hard to rate these, but 94-95 for the muscat, 96-97 for the shiraz. Really enjoyed it. Thanks for the treats ojeffso.

Also, a big huge bow goes out to The Green Gables again in Beach Haven, NJ. This place is out of this world.... My line of the night about them, was to say how they can make me like foods I've previously hated. Squash with the skin on, and those long green things I hate so much I can't even remember the name... both of them were great!.. Asparagus.. that's it.. blech!! and YUUMMMM!!! The lamb was the dish of the night, went so well with both the Arnoux and Barolos.... peppery breaded crust, perfectly cooked...delicious!

Happy jb? hehehe. Thanks again for the burgundies, and the great time. I need to sit closer to your end of the table next time.
Great notes, Rev. I' glad you enjoyed the wines as much as I did. They really all were excellent. Just a couple of observations...

Wine D: Melville Inox 76-I'm surprised you detected oak in this wine. It was fermented in 100% stainless steel tanks and never saw wood in its life. I found it more light, effervescent, minerally and steely. Not that you are wrong, I just didn't get that from it. Nice pick that it was CA. I put it in there because I thought it was Meursault-like.

I can't believe I forgot the Sandrone. I do remember liking it a lot, but when I got home and looked over my notes, nothing was written down. Got a little forgetful by the end.

I wasn't disappointed in the Clos Mimi at all. I thought it was an extremely well made CA Syrah. Beautiful.

Man, what a great night of wine. The owner of Green Gables, Rita, wants to do something steady throughout the winter. It slows down a lot for them, but they remain open. I'm sure if we want to get together there once a month or every six weeks she would put together a great deal on dinner and rooms. Last time she threw in the rooms for free. I'm sure that could be done again. Maybe we can plan something for Oct, as it is still beautiful on the island at that time.

Today's Lunch with my Wine friends. As if I did Not have enough @ Napa:
[Wink] [Big Grin]

1996 Pahl Meyer Chard: 91pts. Not a Kistler. A little disappointing.
1998 Rochioli Chard: 90pts. Great Wine for the $$$.
1995 Paradigm: Wine of the Lunch. Lovely...93points

Sorry, for the abbreviated TNs, but still a little BUZZED...
jb, good point. I hadn't written oak down... but I wrote down "california" so perhaps I included oak from that. *shrug* It was very good though.. perhaps I'll end up buying some. My wine buying has gone down recently, so I really look forward to the wines I'm getting from seek1 and lcc.

In anycase jb, I'd absolutely love to make the Green Gables a monthly event.... planning might be a pain, unless we do something way in advance? Or perhaps bi-monthly or something every 6 weeks? Hell, let's just see when we can plan it, and see if we can get enough people together. Could be the WSGGJTC :-) It's only about a two hour drive for me if there isn't any traffic. Perhaps even less.

So anyway... has anyone ever noticed how absolutely STUNNING Rita is? My goodness... she has glamorous down to a T. So humble too. Like her a lot. She and the chef should join in the festivities sometime if we ever hold it somewhere else.
Rev, you sure do love the ladies! Distracted from TN's on, IMO, a 94 pt Vosne Romanee by Katra. Now, stunned by Rita. Play on, player! [Big Grin]

Anyway, I'll start to foralize a plan for mid-late Oct. after Labor Day. Gotta look at my schedule and see if I have any Sat. nights off.

LCC, you were in Napa. I'm not crying for you. [Wink] You know you're always welcome. BTW, Rev got some great pictures of the night on the WSJTC website. Check them out. Is ojeffso ever gonna chime in here? [Roll Eyes] [Smile]

As of right now, the only Sat. I am not "working" is Sat. Oct. 19. I will start a new thread in offline about this, but those of you with my email address can let me know if it works for you at Green Gables. I'll also see if I can lock down Rita to the night, once I know enough people can make it.

30 is great, Rev. I am going to be 34 in a month and am starting to fall apart. I have a bad toe, sore middle finger on the right hand (I wonder how that happened?) and I hurt my back doing crunches yesterday. How the hell do you do that? This winter I hurt myself taking off my shirt. Getting older sucks. Semi-BUMP. ojeffso is going to post TN's for this dinner.

What a line-up (the wines, not the crew [Wink] ). Sounds like great fun.
And just wait 'til you reach 54 for the aches and pains to really kick in. Nobody knows the trouble I see.
I've got to wiggle my way up to Joisey for a meeting with you on the golf course and at the wine tasting bar. Unfortunately my fall travel schedule doesn't include your area. Farthest I go your way is Baltimore in early December.
King, maybe we could hook up w/ TJ when you're in Baltimore in Dec. Not too cold to play golf and have a little dinner/wine. Let me know when you flesh out your dates. My grandmother lives in Silver Springs, about 30 min from Balt. so I've got a reason to head down.


I actually look forward to 30. :-) Hopefully Green Gables will work out and we can all celebrate.... or drink away our sorrows.... about getting older.... Yet wiser!

Now.. hurt yourself taking off your shirt? Hehe. I hurt myself in a stupid way the other day... involved a sledge hammer. [Eek!]

My leg survived.... but the wall didn't!!

jb/King-- Baltimore in early December sounds super if it works out (let me know). I have never played golf, but I might like to tag along and kibitz while you show what the hell golf is all about. O yes, and then eat and drink great wine.

So, keep me posted!
So who can get us on at Congressional? Yowzer!
That sounds great to me.
Game is Dec. 8 at 4:15 EST. Don't know much about when I arrive etc., but it will be Saturday, likely afternoon. Certainly wining and dining is doable on Saturday if nothing else. And depending on the weather, maybe we can tee it up Sunday a.m.

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