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Given the time of year, it'll be interesting to see what's cooking with the hard core grillers. Tell us what you cooked, and what the temperature was!

Tonight, fresh ground sirloin burgers and our first 2002 Termes. Projected temperature at grill time.... 50 degrees F! Smile Can you beat that? Razz


Edited to correct vintage. The Termes is the 2002 NOT 2001.
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Originally posted by Sapril Nguyen:

Let me know what your impressions of the 2001 Termes are.

P.S. Projected temperature tonight here is 66 degrees Farenheit. (so much for a winter)

Sapril - here you go.

Perhaps you drank it to soon after opening? I'd give this another try. I'm looking forward to seeing how this does against a well charred burger.

We were also BBQ-ing several nights last week, and while it was not quite as cold as it was in Montreal, it was close.

But last week was a fluke heat wave. We do not usually BBQ when the temperature is below zero.

It's not so much the cold as the dark after 5pm, as we don't have a proper light near the BBQ.
Last week it was in the 50's at dinner time, so grilling with my rusted out Thermos charcoal grill was possible. One of those suare ones with rounded corners that are second only to the Weber kettle grill in poularity at the nearby trailer court. I don't even know where we got this grill. I've been wanting to replace it becauee my wife is balking at paying $100 (!) for a new grill when "we've got a perfectly good one already." I keep showing her ads for the $3000 gas grills that my friends want, but she still doesn't appreciate my relatively simple tastes.

Anyways, I mixed up some barbecue sauce and marinated chicken breasts for a couple of hours and grilled them with sweet potatoes that were partially cooked in the microwave. Those were served with broccoli and carrots dressed with butter and black pepper and steamed for 5 minutes in the microwave in a covered glass bowl. Served with a 2002 Altos de la Hoya Monastrell. Simple but tasty.
On the best side of the globe, for entree tiger prawns marinated in sweet chili sauce for 30 minutes, the butterflied and grilled. For lunch marinated spangled emperor and sweetlip (marinade being a friend's secret recipe, and fish caught the previous night).

Temperature just under 35 degrees (about 90F) on the beach.
I'll be doing some Porterhouse steaks this weekend so whatever temp it gets down to, that's how low I'm going.

Costco and Sams have great meats - sometimes not the best prices but consistent prices and good quality. They were stocked for the holidays - I almost took home a standing rib roast or two but the freezer was full.

BTW - none of that gas junk for me. I do it charcoal or nothing. And not those briquettes either - got to have the real wood charcoal. The taste makes up for the difference in price. It also lights faster and burns a bit cooler than the briquettes so it is easier to control the temperature.

In the summer, I sometimes smoke ribs or brisket or a pork shoulder - for that I always use the cheap stuff - briquettes. You get most of the flavor from the smoke anyways and it's just a waste of the good stuff to use the real wood charcoal for smoking especially when you're smoking something for 10 hours - takes a lot of charcoal.
I'm grilling chicken breasts (on the bone), quickly marinated in oil, salt, rosemary, lemon juice, bla,bla, the usual stuff. My question is for the thermonuclear physicists out there - i cook breasts skin side down first, and then flip'em and cover them with metal is smaller than the other? Is it just me, or is the smaller one cooks the meat faster?

So, here, that's what is on my plate tonight: chicken breasts with saffron rice and two salsas from Peru, Aji Amarillo and Rocoto. Oh, yeah, and some old french wine too. Cheers all! Don't freeze your butts off!
Grill year round using charcoal and a weber kettle. On very cold days like Christmas, somewhere around 0 or negative temps, I just use more coals. The heat from the grill gives you about a 2 foot area to stay warm in.

Eric, I agree its hard to find charcoal in the winter, especially in MN, but I usually stock up when everybody discounts it at the end of the season. I probably buy 100 pounds. Unless someone tells me differently, I don't think charcoal gets bad.
I think most everyone here is crazy, you all need to move further South! (except Pauly) Big Grin

Will be grilling ribs this weekend with a temperature of about 80 degrees, sunny and clear. Both grilling and eating outdoors this time of year is perfect in South Florida as the summer months are too humid and rainy. (although I have been crazy enough to grill during a rainstorm)
Originally posted by Emilio:
I think most everyone here is crazy

Agreed! Big Grin When I read about futronic's adventures with the grill, I have goosebumps all over and have a strange desire to put mittens on. I think I even caught a cold once while reading about his grilling escapades. What's next, grilling on the Moon??!! Big Grin
For crying outloud, man, apologize to your wife or girlfriend, and tell her you can't live in a garage anymore. Mention raccons and rabies, and she'll let you back in. Dude, it's embarrasing, cold and uncomfortable!!! Big Grin It's time to meet your best friend, Stove. Stove, Futronic, Futronic, Stove. Have fun with each other. Smile is a "grill" story. We have a 20 foot grill that was trucked out here from Texas {company called Pitts and Spits} two years ago. We haul it from our house to the winery when we have events. It is a dream grill, especially for the guys. It has everything imagineable on it. The girls said no to the T.V. that the guys wanted on it. Anyway, for those of you who have been to the caves in the past couple of months, you may have noticed Bob {caveman or mrs. cavegirl} is missing the end of his little finger. He was adjusting the huge grill on the trailor and got his finger caught between the hitch and the liscence plate. I rushed him to the hospital. They patched him up but could not save his pinkie tip. The same day, after his hand surgery, high on morphine he wanted to come back to the Caves. He thought he could still do a barrel tasting with some clients. We let him wander around with the wine theif for awhile and took him home. That was in October. He still shys away from the grill. I guess it is like getting back on the horse after a fall. He has retreated to the indoor grill and the other night cooked some beautiful steaks we got from a client in Wisconsin. Come summer I think we will begin "therapy" to get him to use the grill again. Roll Eyes

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