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2016 Peay Sonoma Coast Chard

2015 No Girls Syrah


4 days into the year...dang

Love the Peay wines especially the estate chardonnay which ages nicely. The Sonoma coast is very good also. Had dinner with Andy Peay last month and asked him about it. Said it's mostly estate fruit with some fruit from a Charles Heintz vineyard.

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2008 Lopez de Heredia Rose!!!! I couldn't pass up this offer. 

Curious if you found it domestically, and if so, approx cost if not prying too much 

Yes, it's available domestically.  I run a wine shop in Connecticut and I had a 3 bottle allocation from my supplier.    PM me and I'll share price. I don't feel comfortable posting it on the board. 


More exploration of Spain....I'm enjoying this:

  • 2017 Envinate Lousas „Aldea”, Ribeira Sacra tinto
  • 2017 Envinate Albahara, Almansa tinto
  • 2017 Envinate Tinta Amarela Parcela Valdemedel, Extremadura tinto
  • 2017 Envinate Benje, Teneriffa tinto
  • 2016 Comando G La Bruja de Rozas
  • 2016 Bernebeleva Navaherreros
  • 2016 Bernebeleva Carril del Rey
  • 2016 Raul Perez El Rapalao
  • 2015 Telmo Rodriguez Tabuerniga
  • 2015 Telmo Rodriguez Corriente

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