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Man, what a nice addition to the boards! This is exactly the kind of editorial participation that can (will) make this place a world class wine venue.

I chuckled when I read Mr. Suckling's comment this morning, "You all know how great 1947 is for Pomerol...." Uh, sorry James. I don't! Razz But I have to tell you that reading your notes about these wines, and your other additions to the section have given me a little bit of an idea anyway. Until I get a taste of my first 1947, please keep 'em coming.

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I really enjoy reading a professional's critique and tasting notes---(one who does it for a living, and not just a hobby, like me)

I read (or have read) Broadbent, Coates, Laube, Parker, Suckling, Robinson, and others, and find it all very interesting, especially when you get different perspectives from the professionals! Remember the recent and different reviews of Pavie by Parker vs. Robinson....or Laube's rating's? It's all good reading, and I have learned much over the years.
So JS, keep up the good work.

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