flwino posted:

38.     Iguanas are freezing

Wednesday 01.22.20

Look out for falling iguanas! The National Weather Service is warning South Florida residents of a potential lizard blizzard due to low temperatures. The cold makes iguanas so sluggish and lifeless they often tumble out of trees, but don't be fooled: They're still very much alive.

Saw one this morning while walking the dogs

pinotlvr posted:

Was 35 this morning while walking the dog.  She seemed to enjoy it a little more than I.  Luckily, unlike south Florida, we aren't infested with iguanas here in the Tampa area, though like south Florida we are infested with North

And the infectious Northerner’s complain that it is too cold here.  Heck, it is a lot warmer here than where they came from.

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