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Originally posted by irwin:
A vote here for liberal immigration policies!

Ditto! My (mostly Latino) HOA crew had my sidewalk and front parking area cleared by the time I got out of the shower. As soon as I rolled out of my driveway one of the guys was waiting with a snow blower to clear it off. Love my HOA. Seriously...

We ended up getting a lot more than expected. Fourteen inches and it's still snowing this morning.

I just took the garbage out and the terminal moraine the snowplow left at the end of our driveway is mid-thigh deep. Lots to shovel, but it's just light fluffy stuff, not the wet, heavy, heart attack inducing kind.
Originally posted by Redhawk:
-3 F on the car thermometer for the morning commute today. Predicted highs in the teens (F) for the next 2 days.
On the bright side, this weather will keep our nice white Christmas snow blanket around for a while, and the backyard rink is in great shape!

Now, if I can just get my boys to shovel the driveway...

Similar temps here. Awesome dog-walking weather.
Originally posted by Captain Cancun:
86F this afternoon; around the same for the rest of the week and 70F lows. Now that's cool! Cool

Actually, that’s too hot. Especially 70’s at night. Not conducive to sleeping. Not conducive to snuggling with your honey. And it’s particularly bad for your skate blades—slows the game down!

White Christmas.
Snow on the trees.
Hot Chocolate.
Braised short ribs with a nice Barolo.
A nicely waxed pair of skis.
No bugs.

I’ll stick with winter for a few months, even if it is -4 on my car thermometer this morning.

(However, I reserve my right to book a flight South if/when cabin fever comes about in March. Big Grin )

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