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Originally posted by billhike:
-17 at my place as I walked out the door this morning. The reaction of Jules in Pulp Fiction to the situation with the mess in the backseat pretty much sums up what I think of this winter.

One or two more days Bill. Forecast is calling for temps in the 40's and maybe even some 50's next week. Fingers crossed.
12 inches or so here. Same comment on the power, PH.
The snow is very heavy. I shoveled a bit near the garage entrances, because the guy who plows the driveway doesn't get too close to them.
Depth of the snow is a bit tough on Rudy, the cocker spaniel.
There is only one thing better than having a snow blower at times like these. It is having a neighbor with a snow blower who likes to use it and does your walk.
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