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...and a moonlight cruise.

Some brief notes (a compelation of everyones) from last nights (Saturday 8-7) tasting with GrapeFriends.

1. 2000 Ruffino Chianti Classico Reserva Ducale
13% alchohol
Barnyard bouqet that quickly left after a
couple of minutes. A little green with mild
tannin. Didn't do too much for me.

2. 2002 Nero D'Avola "Vendemmia" 13.5% alchohol
Nice light cherry bouqet. Intense flavors
of leather and hints of cola. Dark in
color. My #3 of the night

3. 2000 La Grola "Veronese" 13.5 alchohol
Herbal nose with medium to full tannin with
lots of spice filling the mouth. Decent

4. 1999 IL Castelvecchio Reserva 13.5 % alchohol
Sweet cherries filled my nose with loads of
vanilla and even more ripe cherry. An
extteme creaminess in the mouth. Very
extracted. This was bought in Europe, so I
don't think I am going to find this in the
states. @#$@#$# My #1 of the night.

5. 1999 Querchibella Chianti Classico
13.5 % alchohol
Excellent balance and stucture.
Good acidity. A huge glycerin feel in the
mouth.(not my notes) I got the
impression of a new tennis shoe when I waved
this by my nose.

6. 2000 Fides Barbera d' Alba "Pio Cesare"
13.5% This was my #2 of the night. I
favored this because I brought this one. Big Grin
I really did like this. Hints of ripe cherry
raspberry and vanilla on the nose. Full
bodied with leather coating the mouth. Good

My top three:

The groups top three:

#4 received the most 1st place votes.

Afterwards we pulled a 2002 Close Pegase Cab Franc, a Big House Red and since our hosts recently got married back in April, they decided to share their wedding wine with us. All while cruising on Crooked Lake in Brighton.

A great time was had by all.

Cheers to GrapeFriends!
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