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I'll start this one off this month...

Last night...

blackened swordfish for myself
lemon-pepper swordfish for the wife
asparagus (tossed with Fuligni olive oil, freshly ground sea salt, and freshly ground black pepper, thrown right on the grates for 5 mins, and drizzeled with a little more Fuligni Olive Oil after I took them off... Wow!!!)
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simple night on the grill for pre-election night:

aged N.Y. strip steak, rubbed with fresh ground black pepper, garlic powder, onion powder and Seasonall (seasoned salt), plus healthy shots of Worchestshire sauce while on the grill; with grilled corn on the cob and a simple green salad. paired with 2001 Ferrari-Carano Sonoma County cab. quite tasty.
Bone-in ribeyes are a great way to go! Something about gnawing on that bone after all the fancy fork & knife work is done that is very primal...

I love grilling, but after kicking off the "June - What's on the grill" post, I have slowly backed off posting to these threads due to this factor. I'm boring!! I cook the same 15-20 recipies on the grill ALL THE TIME!!! I need recipies for grilled food, and wish that all you passionate wine and food peeps would share more recipies with us. Here's one of my faves....

Crabmeat Stuffed Flank Steak

Marinate Flank Steak overnight in the following:

Red wine, E.V. Olive oil, Soy Sauce, Fresh chopped garlic, Fresh grated ginger, your choice of fresh chopped green herbs & spices..

Take steak from fridge and allow to come to room temperature while picking the shells and any other odds and ends from a pound of fresh backfin crabmeat. Put crab in ceramic bowl and add a handful of 1/4 inch cubes of sharp cheddar cheese. Gently blend cheese into crabmeat by hand and sprinkle a little sherry into the crab/cheese mix to flavor.

Cut as deep a pocket into the flank steak as possible, and gently stuff with the crab/cheese/sherry mixture. Don't overstuff, but make sure it is evenly spread. Sew or toothpick the open end of the steak together to seal.

Cook stuffed steak on hot grill for six minutes per side (for medium rare)and remove from grill. After a short resting period, slice steak on the diagonal and arrange on serving dish.

Serve with chilled romaine salad and crusty bread. Mama Mia!!!

Crab season is coming to an end shortly, so give this a try! Worth the work, I promise you. Big Grin

I have three favorite cuts of steak. My two favorites for grilling are the NY Strip (shell steak) and the ribeye. These are very flavorful and great without much adornment. The strip is located on one side of a Porterhouse (T-bone). The other side is my third favorite steak, the filet mignon. This cut is prized more for its texture than its actual flavor, so it requires a little help. My preferred method of preparation for a filet mignon is toi cut it into 2 inch thick steaks, pan-sear them, then remove to a warming oven while deglazing the pan and preparing a sauce.
As always, your recipe sounds great. I dont' remember if you said you had Weber's Big Book of Grilling. Some great stuff, but two of our favorites... the Kansas City Boneless Rib Roast, and the Grilled Gyros. (For the gyros, we prepared the meat as directed... we went further into the book and got a great tzatziki sauce. So we got pita, lightly grilled it with some olive oil, and stuffed them with the meat, sauce, tomatoes, lettuce and onions... GREAT). If you need the recipes, let me know.

B-OWe've never done ribeyes. We do love NY Strips... but our favorite has to be the T-bone. You're right... strip on one side, FM on the other... how can you go wrong??? And knawing on the bone to get the last bit of meat off??? YUM!!!
PH, as promised...

Kansas City Boneless Rib Roast

10-12 Pound Boneless Rib Roast
1/4 c worcestershire sauce

2 tblspn black peppercorns
1 tblspn mustard seeds
3 tblspn paprika
2 tblspn light brown sugar
2 tblspn kosher salt
1 tblspn granulated garlic
1 teaspn cayene (we left this out)

- Grind mustard and peppercorn, and mix w/ remaining rub ingredients.
- Brush/pour worcestershire all over roast, and press ALL the rub in.
- Wrap in plastic wrap, and refridgerate for 8-12 hrs (we did our for 24... which I suggest).
- Let stand at room temp for 30 mins. prior to grilling.
- Grill over indirect heat for 2 hours. (Keep grill temp around 350-375, and don't peak).
- Remove from grill, place foil over it, and let stand for 20 mins.
- Cut and serve. Absolutely the greatest prime rib we've ever had.

Greek Pita Pockets
(We changed this up a bit, and it was perfect. I'll post what we did)

2 pound flank steak (3/4 inch thick)
1 bag pitas
chopped lettuce
crumbled feta cheese
chopped tomatoes

1/4 c fresh lemon juice
1/4 c E.V. Olive Oil
1/4 c coarsly chopped fesh oregano
4 HUGE cloves garlic
1 tblspn fresh ground black pepper

1/2 c plain yogurt
1/4 c chopped seedless cucumber
1 tblspn finely chopped fresh mint
1 tblspn minced red onion
2 teaspn E.V. Olive Oil
1 teaspn granulated garlic
1/2 tspn kosher salt
1/4 teaspn freshly ground black pepper

- mix marinade ingredients, and pour over steak in resealable platic bag. Marinade for 6-8 hours.
- mix sauce ingredients. We did this the night before and let it sit to blend the flavors.
- grill steak over direct medium heat 8-10 mins for medium rare.
- remove and let sit for 5-8 mins.
- while meat is resting, brush pockets with a little olive oil, and lightly grill both sides(lid open) just to get some marks.
- cut steak in thin pieces
- fill each pita as you please, (we did it in the order... meat, lettuce, tomatoes, sauce, cheese), and serve.

DISCLAIMER: These recipes came from Webers Big Book of Grilling, and have been modified slightly. I do not take credit for these recipes.

I would strongly urge you two to try the rib roast when you have some company over. We had our families over and I made this. At first, they were speechless (just moans, and grunts). Then the... "This is wonderful", "This is the best steak I've ever had", etc. starting coming. The flavor is just outstanding... my mouth is watering just thinking about it.

W/ the gyro's... the tzatziki sauce was outstanding. It tasted just like it did on our honeymoon. We couldn't believe it. Real Greek gyro's are made w/ pork and a varity of spices. But this recipe tasted pretty darn good.
Purple Haze I use a lot of foil when i'm working on the grill. so simple, couple large purple eggplants, slice them length wise then cut into small cubes, put the cubes in the foil, do the same with some sweet onion , vidalia's if you can get them. Pour some oyster sauce in the foil, wrap it up so that it's a pocket throw it on the grill for 20 minutes. beautiful side dish. also if you like sweet potato wrap one up in foil and forget it for an hour , when a knife slids through it's done.

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