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dow's vintage port 1983 (perfectly stored)

6 hours decanted

C: purple-red with violet center and smal garnet rim

N: dark chocolat-powder, sweet orange-jam, grape-skin and hints of cinamon and cardamons

P: plum, ripe black plums, sweet orange-jam, millefeuille with almonds, chocolat, hints of leather and tabak.
warm alcohol, ripe taninns with grip,

A: long, with some baked buttercake aromas

great that it calmed down a bit, haven't had it
for years. it was a hard tannin monster some years ago. now i would say the enjoing phase starded, it will still improve for many years,
maybe decades. it was always one of the best 5
ports from the 80'!!! along with nacional 85'
fonseca 85, cockburns 83 and graham 85!

today i would give 95 points!

i gave from 92 - 94 points over the years!

cheers! [Smile]

mostly we had the same thoughts [Smile]
i don't want to know when my time ends!
so it has to be a wonderfull filled cellar were
i can go and take out a great bottle to enjoy!

dr.tannin aka x-man,

hmmm, the 1977 graham, last time i had it, it was still a bit closed (i hope [Wink] ) becouse i
bet this will be great when old!
i have still 9 bottles left, maybe i should open
one this year. [Roll Eyes]
90 $ ? hmmm, i know, prices got highter [Mad]
i would pay 90 bugs only, only, only when it's
perfectly cellared!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(against most wine"lovers" i say: port is as
delicat as other wines!)
i know, i know, port will survife, but HOW !!!


thank you very mutch !!!
i thougt many times on our discussion about the
i really would enjoy to see and use your mothers
knife for a couple days!

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