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The reason the Wine Spectator Online Forums do not allow private messaging is that I can't moderate or review private messages. Enabling them also opens the entire community up to uncensored harrassment from anyone who signs up for a free Forums account and, while I can suspend accounts, I can't prevent anyone from immediately creating a new one and continuing with unwanted messaging.

Originally posted by GreenDrazi:
Typically with forum software, an individual can turn off PM or block certain users if they wish. These options should address the valid concerns you have expressed.

Except that this isn't typical forum software, and Rob is in a better position to know the limitations of the software than any of us are. If I were in his shoes, I would be insulted by the poll that was initiated.

And besides, it appears those who are campaigning for the feature the most are active on other wine sites where private messaging is available. They can PM their brains out on those sites! I actually like the fact that the only way a person can talk to me here is out in the open, in public view.
Originally posted by Board-O:
People can post their email addresses, thereby relieving Robert of the headache of PM disputes. I'd like to see PM available here, but I'm not getting my panties in a bunch over it.


Ever since I posted one of my email addresses on WS, I started to get spam on that account when I've never gotten it before. So my thoughts: there are either real people or computer programs harvesting addresses off the forum.

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