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It's not English, it's Persian.
It may have sounded Shuhruhz originally.

Anyway, don't call it names, drink it (or in Pauly's case: make it!).
Er... ànd drink it.

On the other hand it can just be the misspelled French Syrah.

And by the way, I still don't understand why - in French - Syrah is one of the few feminin grapes.
La Syrah, where it's le cabernet, le pinot, le cinsault, le ... well, you get the picture by now. Anyone knowing any French ethymology around here?
Golf&Zin Nut:
I play a variety of courses around Baltimore. Don't belong to a club. I usually shoot around 90. I break 90 about 35% of the time. Had an 80 last year---low round ever.
The confederates were parading through Frederick, Maryland. Barbara Fritchie, an elderly union sympathizer, unfurled a US Flag from her second story window. The rebs took aim. But Stonewall Jackson, who was in command, stopped them, saying (at least according to the poem):
"Who touches a hair on yon grey head
Dies like a dog...March on," he said.


"Life is short.....start with the dessert."
It bugs me that WS advices to pronounce 'Clos' as rhyming on 'go'. No need to find close rhymes - if you prounounce it "Claw" you're as close as you're ever going to get to the correct pronounciation. They've done it before, and I've complained to them before.

WS Question of The Day - What Does Clos Mean?

Pronouncing it rhyming on 'go' is how the Brits are stereotyped in the TV-series The French Underground.

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