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I have been pondering a purchase of a 90' Armand Rousseau Chambertin or Clos De Beze to satisfy my curiosity.

I would prefer to buy a 90' which is ready to drink vs the 99' which Clive Coates says needs at least 6 more years btl age.

The problem...

How safe is to buy a 90' off the net? Will it survive shipping OK? Do you worry about how it was stored if the fill is good and label like new? It cost $375-$400/btl!!!

The alternative...

Buy a 99' at $200 btl and WAIT six more years whrn I am 54? Is it worth tying up my money for six years? On the other hand, I do get to admire the bottle now and again. Maybe I should buy two 99's and drink one earlier? I can control the aging.

What would you do? Have you tasted these?

I may buy some 2002 when they are released but at age 48 I hate waiting untill I am 60 to try something.
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Wine-Searcher shows this wine at a couple of well known burgundy retailers. Premier Cru and NY Wines are well known in the industry and are good bets for finding decent burgundy with good provenance. Ninety nine percent of wine stores would not have access to '90 Rousseau's and those who did would not most likely inventory that rare of a bottle if they did not have a clientele who seek out those types of wines. Woodland Hills would be another shop to call. You may also watch for it at a Zachys or Acker auction. In reality, the internet is your best resource for locating this type of wine.
GMT, are you saying I should be able to buy a 90' Rousseau for $200 or less OR that you have tasted them and they are not worth over $200?

My main concern is the about whether they will be be good shape when I buy them off the net since I can't know for sure how they were stored.

Thanks everyone for your imput. Next week I am going to either by the 90's or buy the 99's.

Which would you do?
Montrachet, so, you are buying backwards too! ;-) I appreciated your suggestions on my thread. In regard to Premier Cru, who was recommended, above, I've not had any problems with the wines I've bought from them. I bought a 90 de Malle Sauternes 2 years ago that was in fine condition, and some 77 ports too, all without problems. Indeed, I have bought 4 89 Pichon Barons this week from Premier Cru and paid roughly $45 more than another source, but did so because I've not had any problems with older vintages from Premier Cru.
Bought it Monday from Premier Cru and now it resides in my Transtherm cabinet. I rolled the dice and decided not to heed GMTinJapan's good advice. I plan to hold it for 3 months to a year. I can't wait to try this baby. Clive Coates rated the 90'Rousseau Chambertin a 20/20.

I'm hoping this this baby's in as good of shape inside the bottle as it looks from the outside. I'l findout this year...

Thanks for the advice

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