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Is the point to maintain the formatting, fonts, etc? If so, you need to use the UBB codes. You can't just use regular HTML fonts because they don't work. So if you want italics or bold you need to use the UBB codes.

HTML is HyperText Markup Language and it's what you use for web sites. But enabling that for a forum or bulletin board like this can cause big problems - if people don't know what they're doing they can alter the page size and layout and make it impossible for anyone to read. So the UBB codes are HTML codes that are agreed on for Bulletin Boards like this. And the moderators have to decide what they'll accept.

Microsoft Office products do NOT convert nicely to HTML or UBB. This has been a sore point for many people. The way they make something bold, etc., in MS Word is not exactly the way you would do it on the web. So you can't format and save as an HTML document and get it to look right on the Web, even tho they have a function that purports to do that - it doesn't work worth a damn. Plus, even if it did, you couldn't get the HTML to work properly on the forum if WS hadn't enabled it and I've tried to play around and it seems they haven't.

So you put your text between the two tags and it takes on that specific format. The slash always indicates the end of the formatting. You can't specify frame size, etc., but you can do some minor formatting on this forum with these tags. There is a list of them you can see - go to the Help button on the forum and then select UBB code.

You use the "[" and the "]" and in those you put the command. So if you want bold, you say "["b]then some words and then close the command with the slash "["/b"]" and the text between is bold. I used the " to indicate - otherwise the code would be hidden from view. Don't use " when you use the commands.

These work:

Function Code Tags
Strikethrough [strike] "["/strike]
Unordered, bulleted "["LIST][/list
Ordered,numbered "["list=1] [/LIST]
Ordered,lettered "["list=A] [/list]
List item "["*]
Quote [QUOTE] "["/QUOTE]
CodeSnippets [code] "["/code]
URLs [url] [/url]
URL with name "["URL=]namehere[/URL]
Email Addresses "["email] [/email]
Images [img] [/img]
Image Aligned Left "["img:left] [/img]
Image Aligned Right "["img:right] [/img]
Image Aligned Top "["img:top] [/img]

Horizontal Rule "["hr] - makes this:

Subscript "["sub] [/sub]

And colors:

Red "["color:red] [/color]
Green "["color:green] [/color] and so on:

Just don't use the quotation marks like I did here. Sorry if you already knew all of this.
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Thanks. I have to look into this a few days. I've spent three days shopping and cooking for tonight's dinner and we have a wedding tomorrow.

The purpose of printing the Word document the way I have it is to prevent it from becoming messed up. It's a menu for tonight's dinner with the courses on the left and the wines on the right. Copying and pasting doesn't work.

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