Is it Ok to eat the rind on Stilton?

To me the rind tastes just like the cheese, only stronger. Since I like strong cheese I have no problem with that. The real reason I eat it is because I'm too lazy to eat around it.

What about others like Brie, or Camembert? I eat those rinds too. Is there anyone else here in the "eat the whole thing" club? I guess the only ones I don't eat are the very hard ones, like SJ said.
Originally posted by grossie:
Is there anyone else here in the "eat the whole thing" club?

Sometimes, you just make it TOO easy. Big Grin

I eat the rind on soft cheeses but don't on hard cheeses. I've eaten volcanic ash coatings on some artisanal goat cheeses (tastes like charcoal, to which it's probably related) though I'm sure eating a lot of it isn't too healthy. To answer the original question, I don't eat Stilton rind.

I sometimes save the rinds of hard cheeses, especially Parmiggiano, to throw in when I make soups like minestrone or black bean, mainly in the winter. They add a nice bit of flavour.

I think anyone who eats oysters can probably handle any cheese rind. eat or not to eat....that is the question!!! Roll Eyes I like the rinds on a brie or camembert, a pave d'affinois, St. Andre. Can't do the stilton thing though...just a little too much for me! I do like to drop the hard rinds or just a nice chunk)of a good locatelli romano or a parmesan into my soups or sauce (a really nice addition I learned from my Italian in-laws!!). It can't be beat! And THEN you eat the rind!!
I'm eating another piece right now and I am eating the rind. Why? Because it's there. It also doesn't taste that different from the cheese. Perhaps it's the variety of Stilton that matters? This is Colston Bassett stilton and the rind is not that different from the cheese.

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