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I used to enjoy this show. Some of the production (and Alton Brown and his crony) was annoying but the judges were usually pretty legitimate and it wasn't too "reality tv-ish".

I recently dvr'd an episode because it had one my favorite chefs (Mike Lata of Charleston's "Fig"). Come to find out the secret ingredient was "sparkling wine" (three choices: champagne, "california style sparkling wine" and prosseco) which made me even more excited.

Well the show has gotten beyond bad. The judges had zero critical comments it was "this is amazing" and "best bite I've ever had". One of the judges was a joke. I couldn't tell if it was even serious or not. He was the creative director of Barneys (however you spell the clothing store) if you're curious. Theatrics were out of control as well. I could handle them earlier but no longer. RIP Iron Chef America.
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I watched that show last night as well. I would love to try Mike Latas food sometime.
Have to agree those judges (and the show in general) suck. Ted Allen is cool, but could the little Barney's queen be any more flaming? I mean really.

I wish they would bring back the original Japanese version. I'd take repeats of that over the American version any day.
Originally posted by kingofcool:
Well, was deleting all the iron chef's off my DVR and realized that the most recent one featured Sean Brock. Sean Brock probably is my favorite chef around these days. Another charleston guy as well. I can't pass this one up.

Love McCrady's. I met chef Brock at a gallery in Charleston last year. He seemed really down to earth. Another must stop next time I am there.
Let me know if you think of the name. I will be staying in Folly Beach for a week in July.

I had a chance to recently see some re-runs of the old Japanese version of Iron chef. It is just as goofy as the new American version. I am not sure why they insist on maintaing the tradition of having entertainers or designers judge food. I actually like watching Iron chef over some of the other reality/competition cooking shows. There isn't any of the interpersonal drama that makes watching Top Chef/Next Iron Chef intolerable (for me anyway). Iron Chef would be better if they would have better judges and ditch the overproduction and campiness (which were also present in the original version).

The SNL take-off of the Japanese version (with Charlie Sheen) is amusing, if you can find it.
Red guy - I'm sorry I missed your question. Ironically, I came on here to talk about his new restaurant. The name of it is husk. I just finished watching the sean brock episode and the guy is a true badass. Probably one of the best episodes I've seen in a long time. Both Brock and Symon were on fire. Secret ingredient was pork fat.

I am going to Charleston in Feb and I will for sure be dining at Husk. Food looks awesome, cocktails look fun, beer and wine lists look very well thought out.

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